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Kimberly Johnson

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

We Deliver from the corner of Happy and Healthy!
Program Overview
This program is a safe, secure, prescription delivery service that is partnered with FedEx, which is offered to your home, office or your choice of location.
Offered five days a week, Monday thru Friday between the hours of 1pm to 5pm
same-day order needs to be in before 1pm

Service is available for select Dallas/Fort Worth area Walgreens Pharmacies
$5 delivery fee (to date) that may be charged

Medicare, Medicaid and Part B (free delivery).

Residential Area- with store having convienent access, customer would rather visit store then have Rx delievered.
ExpressPay-people prefer not to have their credit card/checking account on file.
Losing Profit- Medicaid/Medicare and Part B, get there $5 delievery fee waved
Competition: Walmart
Customers/Patients will be willing to use our other services Ex: Immunization, MTM
High #'s of Business in areas
Boost customer satisfaction about Walgreens
Increased revenue
Competitive Advangtage
Incentives with getting delivery (reward points)
being able to use points towards delivery fee
Our Target
Advantages of Solutions
Future Advertisments

Overall Loyal Walgreen Customers*
Assistant Livings/Older population*

Outpatient Offices*
Urgent Cares*
Day Cares*
Advertisement Strategies
Keeping up with 7-day call list
Have communication between Rx manager and Rx tech about delivery.
Pre-stuffed prescriptions bag and photo eveplopes with flyers
Bullseye stickers on front registers reciepts
Flyer around the store
Announcement over the Walgreen radio
Greeting (when customers call)
goodie cups for local businesses with flyer about the delivery program

We Deliver!
Ads about our Deliver Program
Shirts promoting Delivering Program
Commercials about Delivery program
Walgreens Delivery App
Advertisment Strategies

Baylor surgicare at Mansfield
Arlington family practtice- Mansfield
Gary K. Alexander, M.D. General Surgery
Mansfield Primary Care Doctors
Urology Association of North Texas
Mansfield Medical Clinic
Dermatology&Cutaneous Surgery
Family Healthcare Associates
Villas By the Lake (Senior Living)
Radiology Associated
Bumps N' Brusies Pediactrics Urgent Care
Family Medicine& Urgent Care
Methodist Family Health Center
Children Lighthouse
Woman's Health Specialist
Mansfield Rehablilation Hospital

Arlington Pediatrics
Medical Clinic of North Texas
Green Oaks Nursing &Rehab
Fox Run Estates
Accessible Living Facilities
Pecan Manor Nursing& Rehabilitaion
Fresenius Medical Care (dialysis)
Health food center of Desoto
Blue Ribbon Cleaners
Desoto Library
Desoto Recreation Center
Hickory Manner Senior Living Facility
Gods "Exciting" Cathedral of Praise Baptist Church

Results # 4099
Results # 6998
June 1- June 23rd

July 1- July 24th
June1- June 23rd

July 1-July 24th
#1 Increased Revenue
#2 Competitive advantage over other pharmacies.
#3 Increase customer and community involvement with Walgreens
Strengthen Our Cultrual Beliefs
Be One
– Aligning daily actions in order to increase the delivery program
Be Real
– We are open about the advantages and disadvantages of this program and we are working to make positive improvements
Be Bold
– We demonstrate our courage by going out and marketing our program to create a better future for the Walgreens Delivery System
Build Trust
– We listen, and try to understand the problems and solutions from the customer in order to positively improve this program
Love Customers
– We engage with the different types of customers in order to meet their needs to better this program
Own It
- We understand the advantages and disadvantages to this program and are actively seeking ways to improve it
Live it
– As all Walgreens Employees should, we help the customers live well and stay well.
Store#6998 Store#4099 Store#4293
Results # 4293
June 1- June 23rd

July 1- July 24th

Number #1
District 182- Dallas South
July 1-July 24th

Grand Total- 605
Store Avg.- 24.2
June 1- June 23rd

Grand Total-581
Store Avg.- 23.2
Regional Deliveries
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