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Private Detectives and Investigators

By Marissa Juarez 4-28-10

Marissa Juarez

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Private Detectives and Investigators

There are really no formal education for being a private detective or investigator But you must have postsecondary degrees Also must have related experiences Investigators Must have a bachelors degree Their earnings they get The median wages of salaried private Investigators and Detectives
were $41,760. Some get the middle 50 percent earned between $30,870 and $59,060. Programs or colleges for this job There are many colleges or universities that offer programs for this job The future for Private Detective and Investigator in
the next 10 years. This job has been increasing and they expect it to grow 22 percent the next 10 years. It will increase What kind of computers are these people developing or using
on a daily basis?
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