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04.05 The Great Depression: Assignment

No description

Milagro Fuentes

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of 04.05 The Great Depression: Assignment

04.05 The Great Depression: Assignment

The Grandfather
Living each day with worries of my family. Also, these weary boots are giving up on me and the only thing ill have left is my sombrero. The dust bowl was no joke and has a big affect on me and my families life. I'm growing old and sick. Soon this will all be over for me..
The Father
Wearing he same old hat since i was a young boy. my lucky hat gave me allot of luck and i hope it will give me and my family luck to get to a new safe territory and have at least a little food for our children. im growing tired of leaving from place to place because of this dust storm..
The Mother
Worrying Day and night if i will see the day of light tomorrow or the day after that. worrying if my kids will have food to eat or a roof to live under. Wearing the same dress and my daughters belongings gone in the wind of the dust bowl.. Hopefully wherever we go next have not been affected yet.
Choose three people from the photograph. Write one paragraph from each person's perspective explaining how the Great Depression has affected their lives.

Elements you must include when writing your paragraphs:

details of the photograph, such as which person you chose, what they are wearing, and what belongings they have with them
how the stock market crash or Dust Bowl affected your chosen person
why your person chose to migrate during the Great Depression
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