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The Story of Tom Brennan CHARACTERS SUMMARY

This short prezi gives a small description of the main characters in the novel and the part they play in each others lives.

Alana Mastroianni

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of The Story of Tom Brennan CHARACTERS SUMMARY


Tom Brennan is the protagonist. In the novel Tom is just seventeen and has been a popular young boy who is known for his rugby skills. His family is well respected in their town until Tom’s brother Daniel has a car crash which forces Tom’s family to leave town and live with their grandmother. Tom loses all of his confidence and is scared that he will be talked about all the time everywhere he goes. Towards the end of the book tom gets his confidence back and matures.

Daniel is the oldest of the kids in the Brennan family and is his younger brother tom’s idol. Daniel is a very good rugby player and is also well known because of it. After a big win Daniel and a few of the players decided to celebrate the victory with some drinks. However, this leads on to Daniel drink driving and causing a devastating crash that put him in jail. This is the reason that the family had to leave home and the novel follows them and the events that follow after the crash.

Kylie is the younger sister of Tom and Daniel who was a nice young girl and was close to everyone in the family. After the crash she becomes separated from most of the family and seems to put a lot of the blame on Tom even though she feels a bit guilty herself. Kylie also finds it difficult to cope with what happened to Daniel because she misses her old life. Towards the end of the novel she becomes closer to her family and also rekindles her relationship with her brother, Tom.


Tess the mother of the kids and the one that I think is the most affected by what Daniel has done. After Daniel's crash, Tess is in deep depression and doesn’t talk to anyone in the family and just can’t stand to known that her son is now behind bars and not with the family. She doesn’t get out of bed or take care of herself. However, towards the end of the novel, like all the other characters, Tess starts to make a recovery and get back to doing everyday things with the family, like cooking.
Joe is the father of the kids and is also Daniel and Tom’s rugby coach who taught them everything they know about rugby. Joe is the one who tries to stay strong for the family when everyone is down and guides Tom in the right direction in terms of accepting their new life and giving it all a go.
Gran is the mother of Joe and is aged 78 years old. Gran has opened her home to the Brennan family during the very difficult stages of their life. Gran is not well liked by Tom and Kylie but they soon realise that she is a lovely person who is trying extremely hard to make sure that they are happy.
Brendan is the uncle to the kids and is Tess’s younger brother. Brendan starts to build a good friendship with Tom because he saw that Tom needed someone there to push him harder to get back his fitness for rugby but also he needed someone totalk to about Daniel. Brendan was the main reason that Tom built his confidence back up and got back into the norm of playing rugby.
Fin the cousin of Daniel and Tom was also good friends with them and loved to play rugby a long side them. Fin was in the car whilst Daniel was driving and the car crash left him as a quadriplegic and never able to play rugby again. On the cover of this novel it states that this is "A must read for all teens" as Fin is the character in this novel that shows the consequences of drink driving and how it can hurt others around you.
Chrissie is the same age as Tom and has a major impact on his developement throughout the novel. Chrissie becomes very good friends with tom which soon turns into a relationship. Chrissie helps Tom to move on and get over what happened with Daniel, and start living his new life more positively.
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