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Quebec City

No description

Kiran Gill

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Quebec City

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Hey 710! Are you ready for the best presentation that you have ever seen? If so, buckle your belts because we are going on an fun trip through Quebec City! We hope you enjoy!
Quebec City is a world heritage treasure. It is the capital city of Quebec. It is positioned in eastern Canada and is bordered by the following Canadian provinces, New Brunswick, Labrador and Ontario. The U.S states are New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and New York City. (relative)

Absolute Location
It is located on the north shore of St.Lawrence River.
The longitude is 46.8167° N, and the latitude is 71.2167° W. It is located in both northern and western hemispheres.
In Quebec and Qubec City they mainly speak French, but English is understood everywhere. The majority of people are Catholic or Roman-Catholic. Quebec City is very unique because there are alot of European and North American influnces. They have alot of creative energy and have many wildly popular celebrations. Some of there holidays are Christmas, Easter, Victoria Day and St.Jean Baptist day. They celebrate their saint with bonfires, parties and fireworks.
Religion, Culture and Language
In January the common weather is -7/-17 in April -1/7. In July it is usually 13/25 and in October it is 1/10 . This is the common seasonal weather and it is very similar to Brampton. The vegetation is always determined by the climate no matter where you are in the world. It is divided into three sources the northern temperate zone (deciduous/mixed), bored zone (coniferous forests) and lastly the arctic zone (growth, bush, grass, moss, lichen forests)

Weather And Vegetation
Quebec City or better know as region de Quebec is a metropolitan area because it is densley populated. It is the urban core and it has two administrative reigions (capitol-national, chaudiere-appalaches) and is a principal city surrounded by smaller towns. It is also very popular. Almost all the events happen there e.g Winter Carnival, Summer Festival, Carrefour International De Theatre De Quebec, the Lights Festival and countless others.

The population of Quebec is 516,622 (2006). The population of the metropolitan area is 765,796. In Quebec there are more females then males. There are 51.8% females and 48.2% males. Only 4.7% of children under the age of five live in Quebec City. Lastly, there are currently 516,622 people residing in Quebec City.
Imports and Exports

In 2008 Quebec earned 147.6 billion in exporting. The percentage of goods were 75.7% and the services were 24.3%.The exported goods were aluminum, airplane parts, paper, copper and alloys. The main export partners are U.S, U.K, Germany, France and Netherlands.

In 2008 quebec payed 167.09 blillion for imports. Which is more than they earn. The percentage of goods was 75.5% and the services was the remaining cost which is 24.5%. The imported goods are petrol, automobiles, airplanes and trucks. The main import partners are U.S, U.K, China, Algeria, Germany and Japan.
Human Environment Interactions
There are many human environmental interactains. The main interactions that happen in Quebec City are cutting down trees (to build housing or to sell and make paper,) fishing (overfishing) and building skyscrapers. A few more are building dams, hunting down animals, crowding animals (by cutting down their homes) and our waste because we are digging it into the ground to let it decompose. These are a few examples of human environmental interactions.
Industrial, Landforms And Commercial
Quebec is a big industry, it is very branched out and contains many buisness. some of the big industrys are tourisum, communitcations, transportaion and warehousing.

The commercial areas in Quebec City are their major shopping mall. Some of the major shopping malls include
Fleur de Lys centre commercial, Laurier Québec and Les Galeries de la Capitale.
The three lanforms are the St. Lawrence Lowlands, the Appalachian Highlands and the Canadian Sheild.
Thank you for listening to our presentation, we hope you enjoyed it and learned many things many things from it.

- www.hotelsepia.ca
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