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The Lost Generation

No description

GalaxyEXO Herrera

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of The Lost Generation

The Lost Generation
What is the Lost Generation?
Important people of the lost generation
Ernest Hemingway
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Ezra Pound
T.S. Eliot
Gertrude Stein
Ernest Hemingway
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Ezra Pound
Gertrude Stein
-Lost Generation It was phrase made by American author Gertrude Stein it is often used to refer to a group of American literary notables who lived in Paris and other parts of Europe, some after military service in the First World War.

-It also described the belief that they were lost in a greedy, materialistic world that lacked moral value but came of age after the war
Ernest Hemingway was a novelist, short -story writer, and journalist
His famous Pulitzer prize books such as "The Sun Also Rises" and "A Farewell to Arms" which reflected postwar disillusionment
During the WWI, he volunteered to serve in Italy as an ambulance driver with the American Red Cross
At age 62, he committed suicide because of depression
T.S. Eliot

Was an American poet, dramatist, and literary critic
Lived mostly in England
Won the Nobel Prize for Literature
The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, The Waste Land
, and
Four Quartets
He was a famous novelist who wrote "This Side of Paradise and "The Great Gatsby" which is known as an American masterpiece
During WW1, he took a commission as a second lieutenant in the army
After his success, he struggled with alcoholism and died at the age of 44
One of the 20Th century’s most influential voices in American and English literature.
Pound wrote about world war I which is ‘The Cantos’. This work of him gave him interest of economic.
He started showing his support of Major C.H. Douglas’ theories.which is the founder of social credit, an economic theory that believed that the poor distribution of wealth was due to purchasing power of the government.
She was a famous poet
She served as an ambulance drivers for the french during World War 1.
After the war she served as both hostess and an inspiration to American expatriates as Sherwood Anderson.
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