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No description

thames thames

on 19 April 2015

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Transcript of Catapult

Hand Catapult is an amazingly simple device. It uses the potential energy stored in the string to catapult the object attached to the it into the air to hit a target.
By Ambika Singh
You know, the other day I found a Y shaped stick in the garden. It was like a letter Y, one end of the Y was big so I broke it at one end to bring both the ends to the same height.
- I saw a rubber string in an old shoe box and tied it to
the both ends of the Y.
- When I showed it to my father, he was quite happy and
said you have made yourself a Catapult.
- I had earlier seen something like this in Angry Bird
cartoon, so maybe I got the idea from there.
War Catapult
It has been a weapon of war since old days. Greeks and Roman armies used it to throw buring objects, even arrows and spears at their enemies.
It is my dream that everyone should have a hand catapult and we should practice and try aiming at things.
I would like it to be taught in school during P.E., so that everyone could be good in aiming. In my home there was a spider on the roof and I tried at least four times to hit it but did not succeed.
Catapults can be made from different things.
Please watch my video on clip catapult.
This is the most exciting toy that i have made for myself.
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