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LTTC Workshop: How to create a brilliant ePortfolio

No description

Xandra Ngai

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of LTTC Workshop: How to create a brilliant ePortfolio

Things to consider
Personalize my ePortfolio
Organize my ePortfolio using Mahara
My Collection of Learning Experience
ePortfolio Award
Things to consider...
My Learning Goals:
I hope to ...
In the future...
Description about myself...

How to create a brilliant ePortfolio
LTTC Workshop
ePortfolio Team
About Myself
e-journals, essays
My GE Portfolio Page
hotline: 2948 7047
Pictures, reflective journals
My Overseas Exchange Portfolio Page
10th/ 11th Nov 2014
Depth of Reflection
Quality of Writing
Layout and Organization
Uses of Artifacts
Learning goals of the programme/ course, assignments, reflective journals
My Portfolio Page for Major/ Co-Curricular Learning Activities
My Learning Experience
Learning goals, e-journals, independence activites
My English Language Portfolio Page
Lesson plans, reflective journals
My FE Portfolio Page
Present ideas/ thoughts in a coherent and logical manner with examples
Check spelling and grammar
Design and layout should be consistent throughout the ePortfolio
Organization of the page(s) should be well-balanced
Compile all pages into a
(if more than one page)

My Career Goals:
My Interest:
I enjoy ...

Think more:

How do these learning activities related to my personal learning/ growth?

How do they matches with my learning goals/ the course intended learning outcomes (CILOs)?
Any improvement on skills?

How can I organize my ePortfolio better?
How can I link up my ePortfolio pages? (Making a collection, generate a secret URL)
Reflect on the specific area(s) of study/learning activities
Describe how the learning activities related to the expected learning outcomes, personal learning objectives & personal growth
Support viewpoints and interpretations with examples/ evidences of learning.
Include plans for improvement
Using other applications to enrich my ePortfolio ( e.g. Youtube, Slideshare, etc.)
Personalize your portfolio with a profile page or an introduction session with profile pictures, description about yourself and learning goals, plans, etc.
Submit ONE link only
Check accessibility of all pages
Evidences of IT competencies
IT ePortfolio for Checking
My ePortfolio...
Is personalized with profile picture/ icon, self-description and individual learning goals;
Demonstrates the learning process and outcomes on the specific area(s) of study
(e.g. major courses, co-curricular courses, field experience, exchange program and Internship)
with evidences of learning;
Is easy to read and inspiring as a whole.

Well labeled and relevant to the content of the page
Include evidences of learning
(e.g. essays, project presentations, photos of the learning activities)
Copyright issues: If graphics/pictures were copied from external parties, source should be included

Engage in reflective learning with ePortfolio:
Plan > Act > Observe > Reflect
HKIEd Learning and Teaching Website:
Generic Intended Learning Outcomes (GILOs)
Problem Solving Skills
Critical Thinking Skills
Creative Thinking Skills
Ethical Decision Making
Oral and Written Communication Skills
Social Interaction Skills
Global perspectives
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