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Developing Independent Learners: Word walls and Anchor charts

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Sandra Skeffington

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Developing Independent Learners: Word walls and Anchor charts

Montague Senior High School Staff PD Session
Monday, February 25, 2013 Developing independent learners Brainstorm and discuss what independent learning looks and sounds like? Question for discussion A swimming lesson? Is the following cartoon an example of independent learning? Why or why not? Question for Pre-viewing What classroom strategies can help foster and support independent learning?

Come up with 2-3 strategies within each group to share. Question for discussion Learners:
Know information about course requirements, expectations, learning environment, etc.
Establish and know the goals
Show enthusiasm and interest in learning
Gain confidence of success
Have adequate pre-existing knowledge
Have skills necessary to do the task(s)
Have an availability of resources
Receive effective feedback
Conditions for independent learning Teachers prepare students adequately by:
Helping students' acquire independent learning skills
Match tasks with preparedness of students
Develop students’ confidence of success:
Provide positive reinforcements
Show examples of good work by fellow students
Provide encouragement and support Helping students succeed Building vocabulary through the use of word walls (as you have been doing in your school) is beginning the support students need to develop both literacy and independent learning skills. Word walls Look at the following pictures of various references found in Island high school classrooms.
How might these references support independent student learning within the classroom environment?
Question for Pre-viewing Automotive Carpentry Class Social Studies Class English Class French Class Chemistry Class Science Class Math Class Eal / English Class One strategy for developing independent learners Notes on the wall
-Anchor Charts- Consider this, how does developing literacy skills support the development of independent learners?
Look at the chart provided comparing ineffective readers and dependent learners. What do you think or notice? A link between Independent learning and literacy? Based on the examples and your knowledge,
brainstorm in groups what you think are the
Key Elements of an Anchor Chart.
Each table will share out and we will create one together. Key elements of anchor charts? Anchor charts can be used for any subject to hold student learning. Characteristics of anchor charts Anchor charts can be set up in advance, but ideally should be
co-created with or even created by students. Characteristics of anchor charts An anchor chart:
should have a single focus
should be co-constructed with students
should have an organized appearance
should match the learners’ developmental level
should support on-going learning

Anchor charts reflect student learning and can be interactive, continuing to develop as student learning deepens. Characteristics of anchor charts Anchor charts can also be used for cross-curricular skills, such as test-taking and critical thinking. Characteristics of anchor charts Anchor charts can be as “pretty” or as simple as you want.

What is important is the learning which is represented. Characteristics of anchor charts Challenges with Anchor Charts Time
record student responses AS you are questioning them
have students create their own during the lesson
saves time reteaching as they have a place to refer for process or content
great way to review that is interactive and puts learner in charge
store charts using hangers if you don't have enough wall space or not your own class
put information on SMARTboard files to access during class
take photos and have students compile them in a class binder, or post them to a blog site for home reference
-Most Important -
They must be interactive and living within the class and the students' learning.

Unless we require them to seek their own answers using resources and information available, they will continue to be dependent learners.

First ask: Where else can you find that answer? Seek three before me

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