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on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Donatello

Significant Events in Donatello's life
His trip with Brunelleschi was a highlight of his life because here he developed basically his own unique style for sculpting, he also treasure hunted, so this was a very adventerous/important time for him
When Donatello returned to Florence he sculpted two works of art that he was paid to put into a Cathedral, from here on out he was very well known for his scuplting
His first scuptures were made out of marble and he then experimented with bronze, marble, sandstone, and gold throughout his life
Impact on History
He created a statue called Saint John and this paved for the concept of realism and portrayal of human faces in art
He created one the first human nude sculptures since the ancient era and this started the beginning of making man in art more realistic
So basically in the end the impact he made was he sculpted real life and real people not fake statues that presented the ideal renaissance man, he sculpted man himself how it really was.
Biographical Information
Born: 1386
Birthplace: Florence, Italy
Died: December 13, 1466
Location of Death: Florence, Italy
Cause of Death: Unspecfied
Remains: Buried, Chiesa di San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy
Religion: Roman Catholic
Race: White
Occupation: Sculptor
Nationality: Italian
Lived to be: 80 years old
Also known as: Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi
Donatello's father was Niccolo di Betto Bardi, a craftsman which was most likely the inspiration for him to become a sculptor
Nobody really knew about his mother or his extended family
Donatello though was really close with the Martelli family, which was the family who partly educated and housed Donatello
Major Achievements/Failures
Major Achievements:
Donatello's most famous/well known sculpture is the (bronze) David
At age 26, he carved a wooden crucifix in the Church of Santa Croce and this was considered to be one of his first major accomplishments
His other major works of art are St. Mark and St. George, they both are located in Florence, Italy to be a memory of Donatello since he died there
Major Failures:
At one point in Donatello's life he tried to be a military engineer and he failed at that miserably
Interesting Facts
His father was a member of the Guild of Wool Combers
When he was younger he had a lot of free time outside of his schooling and at these times he practiced with older, more experienced sculptors in his village
It was said that some heard him freely expressing that he was gay, he was never married at all and in fact he found women displeasing to the eye
Most researchers have found that Donatello most likely had a boyfriend ->Bertoldo
He was the first artist of the renaissance to create a nude statue
He did not really care what he ate, drank, or how he dressed most of his life
Donatello's occupation was a sculptor
He was educated by the Martellis family when he was younger
Some of his very first experiences in the art world took place in a goldsmiths shop, here he learned metallurgy and the fabrication of metals
He learned the basis of sculpting with Lorenzo Ghiberti who was both a metalsmith and a sculptor
When he was a teenager he went on a trip with his close childhood friend Brunelleschi to Rome and this is where he gained important knowledge on the scruture of man and sculpting
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