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The Sniper by Liam O'Flaherty

No description

Hunter Hable

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of The Sniper by Liam O'Flaherty

The Sniper by Liam O'Flaherty
Prezi by Hunter Hable
Table of Contents:

1. Setting
3.Rising Action
4. Climax
5. Falling Action
6. Resolution
7. Theme Statement
8. Characters
9. Point of View
10. My Thoughts

Thank You!
By: Hunter Hable
1. Setting
Takes place in Dublin, Ireland. It is the June of 1922 during when the moon was out. The setting is very interesting because it takes place during the Irish war. But takes set during the early weeks of the Irish Civil War. The battle grounds took place in the city. The atmosphere was filled with suspense.
5. Falling Action
After he shoot his target, he wanted to find his commander to inform him of what happened. The streets were dead because there was no body in sight and the dead silence took over the streets. But the sounds of a machine gun suddenly broke the silence.
He threw himself over to the dead body and noticed that the face looked familiar.

Evidence that proves that this occurred is "The sniper darted across the street. A machine gun tore up the ground around him with a hail of bullets, but he escaped. He threw himself face downward beside the corpse. The machine gun stopped."
3. Rising Action
The Sniper heard a bullet coming from the opposite end. He armed himself and looked to find out where the bullet came from. Later, he saw the enemy's car which looked armed. He discovered old women coming out of a corner heading towards the armed vehicle. The sniper was watching them closely and was looking for the perfect target, then the opponents head popped out of the car and the sniper shot the target right away. The old women began to run away but the sniper managed to gun them down. Right away, someone got the republican's arm. The republican prepared a trap by putting a cap over the muzzle of the rifle and placed it so it was visible to the sniper that was just across the street. Of course, the sniper shot the trap. The trap made the opposite sniper think that the republican was alive but in reality, the republican tricked him into thinking he was dead.
4. Climax
It was foreshadowing because he fooled the sniper, the republican took out his revolver and kept a steady aim about 50 yards from the opposite side of the sniper. He pulled the trigger and managed to shoot down the sniper. The sniper dropped dead to the solid ground.

"The the dying man on the roof crumpled up and fell forward. The body turned over and over in space and hit the ground with a dull thud. Then it lay still."
6. Resolution
"His enemy has been hit" and "The sniper looked at his enemy falling" is evidence that the sniper killed his enemy. "Then the sniper turned over the dead body and looked into his brother's face shows the tradegy that his 'enemy' was actually his brother this whole time.

"Then the sniper turned over the dead body and looked into his brother's face" is evidence to back up the statement on how he shot his brother.
7. Theme Statement
The theme of this short story is that war causes violence and pain along to humans are nothing but mere objects in war. They are just objects who seem like they have no name and no soul but are just targets to each other in the battle grounds. War does not know age, gender, location, time and mercy.
This story opens up to violence making a brother kill his own brother.
"Then the sniper turned over the dead body and looked into his brother's face."

Violence disguises the ones you love as targets. How I came up with this theme is the thought of my Austrian grandfather because we went War World II.
8. Characters
9. Point of View
10. My Thoughts

Republican Sniper:
Is the protagonist. The one who carries the weight of the story. This character is also dynamic
Enemy Sniper:
Is the antagonist which is the brother of the Republican Sniper's.

The reason why the sniper is the protagonist is because he is the main character. The protagonist is always the one that learns something new and the one who carries the weight of the story. The Republican Sniper learns the sorrow of the war. The enemy sniper is the antagonist. The enemy sniper is fighting against the protagonist in this story.

At the end, the protagonist kills the antagonist in this story because the enemy sniper gave himself away by flashing his rifle. The republican sniper turns over the body and finds that he just killed his brother.

IRA Sniper:
Man that was on the roof.

Opposing Sniper:
Enemy gunman that was on the roof across from the roof at the IRA sniper was at.
Turret Gunner:
Man shot by IRA sniper.
Unseen Machine Gunner:
Person that fired at the IRA sniper.
Old Women:
She betrays the position of the IRA sniper after the latter left the roof.

Point of view of this story is in limited third-person. The reason why I chose third-person limited, is because it represents the thoughts of the IRA sniper. But it does not represent the thoughts of other characters.
War can be traumatizing. You get put in a position to kill someone for the good of your country. War is all about protecting something you cherish about. Soldiers keep pulling their trigger until they are at their success point.

This story reminds me of my Austrian grandfather and how he was in the Nazi war in War World II. My grandfather watched his friends get killed in the battle field. He managed to run away from the war and had to travel from the other side of Europe to Austria on foot. His memories stayed with him over the years and managed to put so much stress on him that he got a heart attack at 65 years old. I remember standing by his grave not understanding what happened because I was only 3 years old.
2. Exposition
The dim moon of the light was shining through the clouds. The sounds of the guns broke the silence in the streets of Dublin. Republican and Free Wagers were battling against each other.
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