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The Citizens of New France

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erika s

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of The Citizens of New France

Who was at the bottom of the Hierarchy?
The Hierarchy is the system where people or things are ranked one above another. The people of New France considered some groups to be at the bottom of the hierarchy. One of the groups that were at the bottom were the citizens of New France because they were considered to be not as important as the king or any of the other groups. Back in the 1600's the king was the ruler of New France.

One difference between New France and modern day Canada is that we no longer have a king, we have a government. One other difference is that in New France the citizens were at the bottom of the Hierarchy and in modern day Canada everyone is equal.
Indentured Servants

The shortage of labor in New France meant the government imported indentured servants. These people were called destitute people who were usually men in France. They agreed to be sent to the colony to labor for a family. Even though they worked very hard they were payed virtually nothing! Finally after 3 years of service they got their freedom. At this point, they could look for regular, paid employment, or they could go into fur trade, like most people. In modern day Canada we don't have indentured servants because our country and our rights as a person have changed for the better. In New France they had indentured servants because as I said before, they had shortage in labor.

Like other European countries, France exported some of its criminals to its colonies. These french prisoners were thieves who had a long history of crime. The criminals were given a choice of serving prison sentences or being sent to the colony. A colony is a country or area under the full control of another country. Going to the colony would mean being released from their sentences after 3 years of indentured service and have a chance to make a fresh start! 150 people came to new France per year because of this.

Most of the french immigrant prisoners were sent to the Caribbean rather than to New France. Their condition was very harsh.

In current day Canada our prisons or in others words jails are a lot less violent then the prisons in New France! In New France they would do terrible things to the criminals like, whipping them or beating but current day Canada dose not do that.

Filles du roi
The Citizens of New France
The Citizens of New France
In New France the Government and church organization were official structures that directed life in New France. The "ordinary people" the citizens in many occupations made up the majority of the population.
In New France the citizens take a census and it records there age, occupation, and religion. In 1665-1666 the Government took a census of the settler population. Government officials visited every community in the colony. In Quebec Montreal, Trois Rivieres and Ile d'orleans had 2079 people out of a total of 3215. These four settlement represented almost 65% of the total population of New France.
As you know New France is now what we call Canada and there has been a large difference in the population over the years. One difference is the population. The population in Canada is now 35.16 million, but that could change because of immigration or the economy of our country.

Filles du roi were some of the 770 women shipped to the colony of New France to deal with the shortage of women.

For those of you who don't know what "Filles Du Roi" means, it means kings daughters. They were forced against their will to leave their family and go to New France. Without enough women in New France, the state could not become larger through the birth of children. One difference between New France and modern day Canada is Filles du roi no longer exist because we have human rights so people wouldn't be able to take women away from their family's and bring them to New France.

First Nations
Some of the first nations people living in New France were the Cree, the Montagnais, Iroquois, Huron, Ottawa and Mohawk. The french settlers saw the first nations as being outside the society of New France. They lived in New France for thousands of years. The fur trade depended on their hunting and trapping skills because they new where the animals hide or hibernated during different parts of the year.

One difference between First nations in New France and First Nations in modern day Canada is in modern day Canada they don't wear spiritual clothing daily, they only wear spiritual clothing for special events! In New France they wore spiritual clothing daily.
Some of the wealthier lawyers and merchants in New France imported slaves from the Caribbean as servants. The slaves in New France were owned and they were rarely given freedom. There were never more then four hundred and two slaves in New France at one time. One difference between current day Canada and the slaves in New France is that we don't have slaves because in Canada we believe in freedom and equality.
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