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Game Controllers by Chelsea Ford

No description

H Johnston

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Game Controllers by Chelsea Ford

Game Controllers by Chelsea
Mouse and Keyboard
We use a mouse and keyboard for mainly shooting/jumping games etc....
There is a space what is mainly used to jump and the arrows are used to move.
A joystick is a vehicle's control lever,
a hand-held control stick that allows a player to control the movements of a cursor on a computer screen or a symbol in a video game.
It often has one or more push-buttons, called switches, whose position can also be read by the computer.

A joypad is a type of game control held bt hand.It has buttons to control and move the motion of an image on the screen.
Alot of electronic things are starting to become touchscreen such as phones,ipads,tablets,laptops.
A D-pad is a flat usual thumb-operated four-way directional control with one button on each point found on nearly all modern video game console gamepads, game controllers, on the remote control units of some television and DVD players, and smart phones
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