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Kaitlin Morgan

on 10 January 2017

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Transcript of Mexico

Mexico's Geography Chapter 10 Section 1 Geographic Characteristics Mountains
Coasts Mountains Mexico is defined by three mountain ranges Sierra Madre Occidental Sierra Madre del Sur Sierra Madre Oriental What's Up with all the Mountains?? The country is between four tectonic plates
Active volcanoes
Earthquakes Plateaus: Known as a highland and consists of relatively flat terrain
Caused by upwelling of magma Volcanoes Mexico City Earthquake 1985 Climate Highland climate [moderate temperatures and rainfall] Population Density Densely populated in southern portion of plateau due to climate and jobs
Rich soil + rainfall=farmlands
Large city=industrial jobs The Tectonic Plates Have Caused Coasts in Mexico Northern Pacific Coasts

Southern Pacific Coasts

Yucatan Peninsula

Gulf Coast Dry, hot, and sparsely populated
Despite dryness, it sustains crops through irrigation
Includes Baja California Shorter and narrower so less farmland
Attracts tourists due to scenery beaches and tourist cities like Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco Also attracts many tourists because of coastline, tourists cities (San Miguel and Cancun), and Mayan ruins Large deposits of petroleum and natural gas = major producer of oil
Also attracts tourists
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