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Teaching Interview Questions

Interview questions and possible answers

Greg Adams

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Teaching Interview Questions

A few things to remember before your interview... Suit up Look your interviewer in the eye Be genuine They can tell when you are lying! questions that could be asked during your interview Tell us about yourself? and some possible answers! They want to know your educational philosophy and your educational background Do not forget to mention that you enjoy working with students! THEY DO NOT NEED INFORMATION THEY CAN OBTAIN ON YOUR CV! Tell us about your approach to classroom managment? Preventative measures not only an engaging atmosphere for student but setting out expectations and rules from the first day CONSISTENCY! Steps you take when dealing with undesired behaviour ladder approach Look, gesture, proximity, etc. Make sure you explain that getting the parents or vice principal involved is a last resort Tell us what assessment strategies you use? ➢ Formative and summative assessment Assessment for learning assessment as learning assessment of learning diagnostic meta-cognitive Peer and self evaluations Summative really focus on assessment of learning Tell us what you would do if a conflict arose with a colleague? How would you handle it? When asked a negative style question always turn it around and make it a positive. Ex. Talk the colleague in private, explain that you value their input, if you have any suggestions you should approach me in private before we have committee meetings. What extracurricular reading are you doing? ➢ Make sure your prepared for such a question. Tell me about the professional reading that you are doing? ➢ They expect you as a teacher to keep learning new techniques to teach your students? ➢ Example: James Banks “How to create a multicultural classroom” – four stages of education that leads to transformative education. (use examples and case samples from a wide variety to teach any curriculum or course) Solve a math and physics problem. I suggest reviewing projectile motion and integration problems. What approach do you take when teaching in a science class? Learning through inquiry, differentiated instruction, and incorporating literacy into the course. What do you think the main goal of teaching is? ➢ Promote critical thinking in students. ➢To develop a love for lifelong learning. ➢To be an outstanding role model for your students. ➢To have student learn how to participate in a globalized world –- international schools Why do you want to teach overseas? Applicable to any board ➢Researched the school board/school that you have applied to. ➢Relate to the key ideas found on their website (mission statement, ext.) What extracurricular activities would you be interested in being involved with? ➢Should identify specific experiences and choose something that you are really passionate about. They will sense your enthusiasm! How do you accommodate for diversity in the classroom? ➢Make sure that you tell them that there are many different types of diversity. Ex. Learning styles, multiple intelligences, racial, cultural, religious, gender, sexual preference, and ability. ➢Talk about strategies that you would use to accommodate diversity. ➢Narrow down to one type of diversity. Ex. Different learning styles: Differentiated instruction Ground in a specific example from your own lesson. What would you say is your greatest weakness? ➢Spin it into a positive. ➢Ground it in a concrete example/anecdote. ➢ Ex. Lack of experience. Show how you have learned from your deficiency. How do you teach to ESL students in your classroom? ➢Identify that there has to be a lot of empathy on the part of the teacher. I.e. they are away from home, taking courses in a second language, they may have been at the top of the class at home and now are not, probably not used to a western teaching style. ➢Make sure that you accommodate for their needs in everyday class. Extra time on tests, handouts instead of copying notes from the board. ➢ Provide the same information in multiple formats. Differentiated instruction. Ex. Scientific discovery Text, audio, and video formats shown in class. Make sure you have questions prepared for them as well. ➢Not something you could find on the Internet. ➢What is the vision of the school over the next few years? ➢Tell me about the students that attend your school? Do the research of the demographic of the students that attend the school. ➢Ex. View the economical background, cultural background, etc. ➢When you are asked questions about diversity in the classroom or differentiated instruction, target your answers to refer to the student body that the school draws from.
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