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Peacock Adaptations

No description

Joe H

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Peacock Adaptations

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Peacock Adaptations Adaption 1
Peacocks Colorful Feathers Peacocks use their feathers for two reasons. First of all they use there feathers to attract females. The bright colors pull the females towards the male. Secondly they use their feathers to scare away predators. All of the spots look like eyes, intimidating the predator. Adaptation 3
Peacocks talons Peacocks use talons for many reasons. Firstly they use it to grab a hold or to hang on to something, like you can see in the picture. It also uses its large claws to trap its prey. Fun Fact Only the male peacock haves all of the beautiful colors and numerous feathers. These back feathers are called trains. Most females are gray and lifeless. Fun Fact The train makes up 60% of his body. Also, his train holds the capabilities to change colors when struck by light from different angles. Adaptation 4
Peacocks Retractable Feathers When peacocks aren't attracting mates and they aren't trying to fend off predators what do they do? Keeping up such a large bulk of feathers might be a bit of a drag. So, peacocks came up with a method to fix this issue. They simply shake down their feathers and have them fold up neatly behind them. It makes getting around much easier. Adaption 2
Peacocks Beak Peacocks are omnivores and use their beaks for different purposes. Their small beak allows them to eat small fruits and berries. The beak is also sharp allowing the peacock to eat small animals such as garden snakes. The Bird Under the Feathers
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