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The Pirates of NC

No description

Marlee Butler

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of The Pirates of NC

Pirates of NC The pirates were a major part of North Carolina's history.
During the 1700's, piracy was at it's high. They stole from
everybody, no matter who they were. They were scared
of nothing and took most of the vessels that they raided.

When pirates took over the ships, they took all of the valuable goods and sold them on the black market. They kept the food to eat. With the money they got from the goods, they bought alcohol, food, and supplies. Pirates also effected the government. Every country that had a navy was effected. They were all trying, without success, to stop the piracy. Economically, pirates made a big impact. The goods that were stolen became scarcer. This in return drove the prices of things up. The most famous pirate of all time was Blackbeard,
He was the most fierce, ruthless pirate. He had many adventures. One of the most famous woman pirates was Anne Bonney. She was rumored to have stabbed a servant when she was 13, and ran away with an unknown pirate when she was 15. Later, she got on board with Captain Calico Jack, who she later married. Along the line, another girl came onboard disguised as a man. On a night that the men were partying, The ship was boarded by the navy. Anne Bonney and the other girl, MAry Read, fought against the whole crew of the navy, and eventually lost. All the crew members were sentenced to hanging, but aNne and Mary "pleaded their bellies". Later Anne escaped. The End
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