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lebron james biography

No description

kaylen burks

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of lebron james biography

Basketball Star
Sarah Tieck
you can succeed
lebron james pictured with is idol Micheal Jordan the reason that
he admired him so much is because he experince the same things he did SETTING
In Akon, Ohio; New York; Clevland, ohio
"Lebron James was born to Gloria James in Akon, Ohio. His mother was 16 at the time she had him he was brought up without a father because he was in prison."
When lebron was in high school he had media and privatie agents around him alot and was at every basketball and football game he played in. He was suspend from school because he had answer his phone in a history exam talking to his agent, and the teacher thought that he was cheating and took up is final exam for a 0% his GPA then went to a 3.43 and he need a 3.6 to to go to the NBA From high school he had 4 other exams to take and the principle told him that if he didn't make aleast 80 or above on all of them that he was not going to go to the NBA. CONFLICT Main Character: LeBron James Gloria James. others Eddie Jackson; Coach Mike Brown; Bob Williams; Micheal Jordan; Dru Joyce. After Lebron took his final end of course exams for math, English, biology, and Spanish. He was able to past all of them with an 90 or above and on one of them he score an 99, but later the school year his high school coach took him to one of the biggest games in history when the San Antonio Spurs was playing the New jersey Nets lebron had court side seats with his furture coach Mike Brown and his high school coach. Lebron said that was the biggest night of my life because I am going to be the first athlete that is coming from Arkon,Ohio going pro from high school. 2004 the biggest day for nba fans and players, but I bet nobody was more excited than Lebron James. He was the only high school player in the draft, and the best player in the draft. In New York City at Madison Square Gardon Lebron James had Turn his life all the way around and he didn't have to worry about his mother not having a place to stay or nothing because he had a 3.6million dollar contract sign with the Clevland Cavs. RISING ACTION CLIMAX During1st 2 years in the NBA Lebron was a All- Star, MVP, and Rookie and Sophmore of the year. Also he had a 26 bed room house and his mother and his wife and 2 kids stayed with him he always had people coming to his house and always played with his kids during the summer when he was home from basketball. He has little kids calling him and asking him how can I get to where you at nowI want to meet lebron james Resolution
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