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Cyber Crime & Security

No description

Rupak Mitra

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Cyber Crime & Security

RUPAK KUMAR MITRA Presented By: Rupak Kumar Mitra
Roll No.- 076
IISWBM Cyber Crime Crime Committed using a computer and internet to steal a person's identity or illegal imports or malicious programs. Cyber crime is nothing but where the computer used as an object or subject of crime. What is Cyber Crime? First recorded cyber crime took place in the year of 1820.
First spam email took place in 1978 when it was sent out over the ARPANet.
First virus was installed on an Apple computer in 1982. Categorize Cyber Crime in Two Ways: The computer as an TARGET - using a computer to attack other computers. e.g- Hacking, virus attack etc.
The computer as a WEAPON - using a computer to commit real world crimes. e.g- Cyber terrorism, Credit card frauds, Pornography etc. Cyber Crime regulated by Cyber Laws or Internet Laws. Types of Cyber Crime Hacking
Child Pornography
Denial of Service Attack
Virus Dissemination
Computer Vandalism
Cyber Terrorism
Software Piracy Cyber Crimes Threaten National Security Cyber Security What is Cyber Security? Cyber Security involves protection of sensitive personal and business information through prevention, detection and response to different online attacks.
Cyber Security actually protects your personal information by responding, detecting and preventing the attacks. Types of Cyber Security: Privacy Policy
Keep Software Upto Date
Disable Remote Connectivity Advantages of Cyber Security: The Cyber Security will defend us from critical attacks.
It helps us to browse the safe websites.
Internet security possesses all the incoming & outgoing data on our computer.
It will defend us from hacks & virus.
The security developers will update their database every week once. Hence the new virus also deleted. Challenges: Sufficient knowledge on computer and internet availability.
Low priority of security for software developers.
Challenge of timely patching vulnerabilities on all systems. Safety Tips: Use Anti-Virus Software
Insert Firewalls
Uninstall Unnecessary Software
Maintain Backup
Check Security Settings Cyber Law of India Cyber Law of India: Cyber Crimes can involve criminal activities that are traditional in nature, such as theft, fraud, forgery, defamation and mischief, all of which are subject to Indian Penal Code.

In simple way we can say that cyber crime is an unlawful acts wherein the computer is either a tool or a target or both.

The abuse of computers has also given birth to a gamut of new age crimes that are addressed by the Information Technology Act, 2000. Conclusion: Cyber Crime is indeed getting the recognition it deserves. However, it is not going to be restricted that easily. In fact, it is highly likely that cyber crime and its hackers will continue developing and upgrading to stay ahead of the law.

So to make ourselves safer, we must need Cyber Security.
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