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Developing Teacher Leaders

Gina Gresham - January 30th

Mariella D-Villeda

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Developing Teacher Leaders

Foundation Drive Begin Leadership skills at a preservice teaching level. Identify Potential Teacher Leaders Sought Results Core School reform and the push to improve student performance is linked to a crucial need to develop knowledgeable and skilled teacher leaders in order for them to branch their influence onto other teachers and improve practices.
Accountability Drives Success >
Teacher-leaders are accountable for managing aligned teams and driving student success in high-needs public schools. Defeating challenges to teach in the 21st century by getting quality professional development.
Looking closely at student achievement by studying data, planning collaboratively and improving instruction while mentoring others
Accept responsibility for personal leadership development
Learn effective design by asking: Are teacher leaders involved in identifying the needs of what is needed to learn? Is school-based learning established to target problems in other work settings? Are teacher leaders participating in collaborative professional development? Is teacher leadership PD ongoing?
Teacher leaders take the responsibility of the development of other colleagues. From Roots to Results Begin teacher leadership training at the university level - encourage them to see themselves as potential leaders
break the mold of training teachers to be followers
Help preservice teachers understand the link between professional learning, leadership and student results.
Create awareness of working together for the interest of all students. Teachers gain expertise and begin addressing students' unique needs.
A teacher determines they are ready to be a TL (with the help of the Teacher Readiness Instrument)
Implement the use of Teacher Leadership Self-Assessment (TSLA) Denver's Math and Science Leadership Academy (MSLA) has no principal. Accomplished teachers lead MSLA, teaching diverse learners. 97% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch, and 70% speak English as a second language. Developing Teacher Leaders
Chapter 3
Jennifer Rodriguez
Mariella Dorr Teacher leaders require quality professional development. First, they must develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that successfully work with their own students. Within Every School There is a Sleeping Giant Of Teacher Leadership Creating ways to develop leadership amongst teacher During preservice the development of a teacher leader crucially begins as long as the leadership concept is introduced, building and creating self-awareness and leadership skill building is part of the curriculum. This lays the foundation of teacher leadership developing during the early years of a teacher's career. Then teacher leaders must become continuing learners modeling effective practices which can be used to impact colleague teacher and lead other teachers in the reform efforts. Let's not assume that competent, credible and approachable teachers who are successful instructors are ready to become leaders. Teacher leaders come across complexities and often are not able to solve problems creating "leadership burnout". Resources http://www.teaching2030.org/
http://teacherleaders.org Continuous Professional Learning for Experienced Teachers Teacher Leaders will be successful only if continuous learning is provided
•Strategies to provide continuous learning and support for Teacher Leaders (Table 3.1)
Common element: teachers are engaged in initiating a d planning these professional developments and they are job-embedded and are focused at the school site
Action research
Certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Professional Development schools
Professional Networks Development model for teacher leadership Planning for Action
What can I do? Personal Assessment
Who am I? Changing Schools
Where am I? Influencing Strategies
How do I Lead? Current Issues
What are the problems we face? Development of a model: Leadership Development for Teachers (LDT) Provides a framework for professional learning beyond competency in teaching skills
Teachers developing as leaders collaborate with their peers to understand first themselves, then their colleagues, and finally their schools
Personal Assessment - Who am I?
Changing School - Where am I?
Influencing Others - How do I lead others?
Plan of action - What can I do? Page 58 We need to place the students' needs first and get into a state of mind that dictates
"IT's OUR STUDENTS" rather than "MY STUDENTS". A teacher leadership team should not be one track minded but a collaboration of ideas: LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT FOR TEACHERS What makes a leader? Teacher leaders can develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will allow them first to successfully work with their own students.
Teacher leaders should not assume leadership roles without any preparation
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