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Team Gear 9

No description

Carlos Martinez

on 14 March 2017

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Transcript of Team Gear 9

Team Gear 9
Our Team
Our Robot
The Building Process
Karen's Experiences
Joaquin, Carlos, Kevin, and Karen
What I Learned:
Directions are important.
Trial and error improves the robot.
Be specific when programming.

Challenges Faced:
Programming the robot to follow our directions.

Joaquin's Experiences
Kevin's Experiences
Carlos' Experiences
Special Thanks
The Monster Arm
What I Learned:
Programming the robot to complete tasks.
Building a robot.
Working with others.

Challenges Faced:
Programming the sensors.
Conflicting ideas among group members.

What I Learned:
Programming the robot to complete tasks .
Building a robot.
The loop command.

Challenges Faced:
Programming the robot to do what I want.
The End
What I Learned:
Programming the robot to turn different degrees.
The possibility of extraterrestrial life.
Measure distance accurately.
The speed of sound (340.29 meters per second).
What I Learned in Life:
Never eat ice cream after drinking lemonade.
Sleep is important.
Challenges Faced:
Programming our own codes.
Compromising among team members.
Talents Contributed:
Critical thinking
Drawing diagrams
Ms. Zenker
Extra Events
Swimming Pool
Discovery Center
Astronomy and ET Lecture
Chemistry Lecture
sensor challenges
Mrs. Hair
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