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Evaluating Creativity

No description

Emma Jones

on 31 October 2017

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Transcript of Evaluating Creativity


Sparking Ideas
Digging Deeper
Courage to Explore
Creative Confidence
Craft of Writing
How many ideas did they come up with? Are they able to generate multiple ideas?
How easy do they find it to play with the idea without prompting, and explore it?
Are the ideas they come up with surprising or original?
Can they elaborate on an idea when prompted, and respond to open questions?
Can they go beneath the ‘surface’ of an idea, and add complexity or emotional depth?
Can they throw out an idea?
(or part of an idea)?
Can they see things from more than one point of view?
Can they make links and connect or compare things?
Do they enjoy experimenting with language, and trying things out?
Are they willing to play imaginatively?
Can they imaginatively adapt existing ideas, and take risks?
Can they work collaboratively, building on and developing the ideas of others?
Can they weigh up advice given by others and make a decision?
Do they listen to their ‘inner voice’? Do they seem to have an instinct for what works and what doesn't?
Do they keep going - prepared to work on something over a number of week?
Do they make their own creative decisions, including within an assigned task?
Do they stay focused
during a session?
Can they move away from cliches & stereotypes and make brave and imaginative work?
Do they show awareness of audience and a confidence in writing for that audience?
Writing that has an impact; uses language to encourage a response in reader or listener.
Editing to heighten that impact.
Writing that takes the reader on a journey, with clear storytelling
Writing that can use language to surprise and delight, that is enjoyable and affecting.
Assessing matrix
Background & rationale

A three-year longitudinal study carried out by IoE
-Showed emphatically the positive effect MoS has on children's creativity
Drilling into Confidence, Motivation and Communication skills
-Triangulating peer-to-peer interviews, parent interviews, and mentor observation
personal confidence & creative confidence
extrinsic vs intrinsic
-Communication skills:
need to define & separate verbal vs written
-How could we evaluate the creative process & examine its effect on confidence, motivation, communication skills?
Writing that shows an understanding of form & structure, with consideration as to how to present and shape it?
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