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Stella McCartney

No description

Cole Drexler

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney
Brendan Davis, Cole Drexler,
Malcolm Fisher, Silvano Ferriera, and Ishmel Moore

Thank You!
Marketing Plan
Competitor Analysis

Botegga Venetta Men’s:
• Jackets range from $1,100 to $6,900
• Dress Shirts range from $390 to $460
• Pants range from $200 to $950
• Bi-fold Wallets range from $360 to $510

Other competitors:
• Yves Saint Laurent
• Gucci
• Boucheron
- Ralph Lauren
- Tom Ford
- Dolce & Gabbana
Company Analysis
Network of its boutiques in the United States, specialty stores internationally, and online
The company was founded in 2001 and is based in Manhattan’s Soho
Stella McCartney has gained a reputation as a leader in fashion
Other special projects and collaborations include:
• In 2005, Stella McCartney launched the “Stella McCartney for H&M collection”, which sold out worldwide in record time.
• In 2007, Stella launched the first luxury skincare range with 100% organic active ingredients.
• In 2014, she partnered with The Nature Conservancy and Ovis XXI in support of the restoration and conservation of Patagonia.

Customer Analysis
• The customer typically has a higher income than usual to be willing to spend the extra money for high-quality clothing.
• The Stella McCartney's customer are brand loyal due to the brand’s quality and the company’s values.
• Stella McCartney customers have a dynamic style and fashion awareness, while also being environmentally conscious.
• The target customer can be described as a well-to-do business professional. The customer is an achiever who loves self-expression through innovative fashion styling. Stella McCartney appeals to this customer because her products are fashion forward with modern aesthetics while still being environmentally sustainable and durable.

Marketing Plan - Four P's

- Target market of young to middle-aged professional men (20 years-old—50 years-old) who care about the origins and quality of their garments.
- Same quality standards as the women’s products; no animal fur or skin used, and fabrics organic when possible
- Products - tailored suits, sports coats, dress shirts, ties, pocket squares, cuff links, shoes, and belts
- Limited product length under each category
- Allow the customer to purchase a head to toe formal outfit with the Stella McCartney brand

- Competitive to current market prices for high-fashion formal menswear
- Suits = $2500 - $5000
- Shirts = $400 - $1200
- Cuff Links = $300 - $2000
- Shoes = $600 - $1500

Currently available in Canada at several boutiques, the Stella McCartney online store, as well as high end department stores such as Nordstrom, and Holt Renfrew
Holt Renfrew has eleven locations across the country, while Nordstrom has one and plans to open five more in the next couple of years
Plan to propose our line to Harry Rosen, with fifteen department stores across Canada we believe that they have the potential to be one of our bigger accounts and generate the majority of our sales within the Canadian market
Standalone store - able to sell our men’s line directly to the consumer, creating a closer relationship to those who are loyal to the brand
Marketing Plan - Four P's
Current Market
• Stella McCartney will maintain market share and brand loyalty

New Market
- This year Stella McCartney will successfully penetrate the men’s high-end luxury market.

Current Product
sustain a competitive advantage in the womens market .
adapt with the industries latest eco-friendly technology without sacrificing the luxurious aesthetic.

New Product
Stella McCartney will have leverage over our direct competitors because of our eco-conscious branding within the mens luxury market. At Stella McCartney we are striving to create a high-end sustainable collection that is timeless in regards to price, quality and style.

Product Objectives

28 – 58 demographic with high disposable income.
The house hold average income for the consumer profiles that shop at our direct competitors is $83,000.
The customer profiles that Stella McCartney’s men’s line will attract are both "Innovators and believers".
Target Market
Target Market

Innovators are the most active consumers with high class taste.
They're impulsive shoppers that will purchase anything that can fit within their budget.
Innovators will often purchase things that reflect their lifestyle whether it's expensive or cheap,
Innovators are generally business men.
Believers are generally safe shoppers that will purchase cheaper garments to save money but also have the potential to purchase expensive pieces from established brands depending on their personal values within fashion.
Baby boomers often fit the believers profile type due to purchasing tendencies and values.
Believers are often predictable and need assistance or reasoning for change to make a purchases but once that is done they adopt brand loyalty.
Buying behaviours

The first season will be pivotal for the men’s line seeing as Stella McCartney will be penetrating this market for the first time. In saying that it’s safe to say that sales may start off slow, there may be some customer retention because of men's ego putting on a brand named “Stella McCartney”. In order to stimulate sales we feel that Stella McCartney should apply Pareto’s Rule and offer incentives to loyal female consumers to make the first purchase for their man. Cross Merchandising between the female and male collection will also be a good way to entice couples to shop together. The first purchase should be enough to gain brand loyalty due to its high end quality and eco-friendly sustainability. This will boost average sales and will allow Stella McCartney to save money in advertising and promotions.

Stella McCartney has always been an eco-conscious brand and by no means do we plan to rebrand the mens line from the leverage they have over the competition in the female market. Eco-friendly fashion hasn’t had an opportunity within the mens market especially with Stella McCartneys signature aesthetic of sharp tailoring and sustainable fashion. After a year or two of positioning ourselves within the mens market Stella McCartney will also part-take collaborations with Addidas for a Mens wear collection.
• Luxurious, eco-friendly fashion that’s timeless in contrast to fast fashion.
• Sustainable
Points of Difference/Positioning
Product/Marketing strategy
Billboards in four major Canadian cities - Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, & Calgary
2 week TV spot over Christmas
Online promotion through social media - facebook, etc.
Print ads - Major fashion magazines

Pro-Forma Profit and Loss
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