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How to be good at character games

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on 7 January 2016

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Transcript of How to be good at character games

Do you like character games?Well I do.
be a pro by sami
step 3 know your moves
This might not be that important in fifa or other football games but is important in other games if you just started its ok but if your not its important know if you press left on your dpad twice and press y or triangle it increases your health or something
What is a character game?
A character game is any game where you can choose your character
step 1 stats
One of the most the most important and overshadowed step is to know the stats like if you add this it takes away 30% of range and makes you invisible on the enemy's radar and stuff like that
step 2 choose wisely
Always know your characters like someone who likes fire counter it with water or if your goalkeeper has a red card have another as a substitute
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