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Missional Church

No description

Jeremy Reurich

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Missional Church

“In the current culture, it takes more courage for someone like Chris Broussard to speak out than for someone like Jason Collins to come out,” says Sprigg, a former pastor. “The media will hail someone who comes out of the closet as gay, but someone who simply expresses their personal religious views about homosexual conduct is attacked.” -By John Blake, CNN Say Religion Is Losing Its Influence in the U.S. more religion would benefit American life “Both members and those outside the church expects the church to be a vendor of religious services and goods” "The clergy are the church’s sales representatives, religious doctrines its products and evangelization practices its marketing techniques”

Where in your church do you see God's mission to the world in operation? “By its very existence, then, the church brings what is hidden into view as sign and into experience as a foretaste. At the same time, it also presents to the world the divine reign character, claims demands and gracious gifts as its agent and instruct.” How does your church represent the reign of God to its community? How can we both be distinct in our language so as to mark out a sign of God's reign and yet have a language by which the culture can understand the good news we are presenting? What other ways that we can set ourselves apart in a way that shows the world what God's Kingdom is like, while not actually pulling out of society? “Are our structures and our assumptions about the church’s nature and purpose no longer suited to the time and place in which we currently live?” A place or a people? “The Church’s essence is missional, for the calling and sending action of God forms its identity. Mission is founded on the mission of God in the world, rather than the church’s effort to extend itself.” Missional
Community Koinonia Christian
Togetherness Fruit of the Spirit Holy Spirit ALTERNATIVE
Culture Life Worthy
of Calling Shared
Stories Historical
PRACTICES The Church a collection of missional communities created and sustained by the Holy Spirit and whose identities, Characters, Motivation and Vocation are formed by the Spirit. These communities are not formed solely by human effort Pneumocratic Nature of Discernment Spirit-moved Deliberation "God's Life giving power is not found in the gaps or on the margins of life but in the very midst of lifes natural processes." Communities of the Holy Spirit Remembered Hope Spirit Filled Discernment "When the church in North America discards the Christendom mind-set, it can become truly apostolic. To be apostolic is, literally, to be sent out." "The church exists as community, servant, and messenger of the reign of God in the midst of other kingdoms, communities, and powers that attempt to shape our understanding of reality" "Whenever the church has a vested interest in the status quo -- politically, economically, socially -- it can easily be captivated by the powers, the institutions, the spirits, and the authorities of the world. And whenever the church becomes captivated by the powers, it loses the ability to identify and name evil." "The church is always bicultural, conversant in the language and customs of the surrounding culture and living toward the language and ethics of the gospel." "[Nonconformed] engagement happens both through specific words and deeds performed in the world and through the witness of being a presence in the world, different from the world, inviting questions, challenging assumptions, and demonstrating a life not of the world." Romans 12:
-Valuing others gifts
-Loving with mutual affection
-Being fervent in spirit
-Being patient in suffering
-Extending hospitality to strangers
-Blessing persecutors
-Associating with the lowly
-Not repaying evil for evil
-Living peaceably
-Overcoming evil with good
"Understanding the church as an alternative culture for the sake of its missional faithfulness goes against the grain of the dominant Western culture with its legacy of Christendom." authentic community in the face of individualism
community of goods in the face of the power of the profit motive
God's redeeming love for all, no matter what crimes they have committed, in the face of calls for the death penalty

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