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Earth Science Back to School Night

Presentation for Back to School Night

Drew Thibodeaux

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of Earth Science Back to School Night

Earth Science
Mr. Potts
Room 627

Curriculum for the Year
Investigative Skills
Atmospheric Interactions
Dynamic Earth
Earth's Materials
Environmental Issues

Cornell Notes
Expectations & Obligations
I am committed to providing a rich learning environment for your student.
I expect your student to attend class regularly, participate in lab activities and class, actively listen, complete all assignments on time, and request assistance when necessary.

Your student should be able to explain one thing they learned in class for 3-5 minutes every day. That is a good indication that they have participated and learned the material.
You are one of the most important components of your student's academic journey and success
2 notebooks for just Science
Pen, Pencil, eraser, and loose-leaf paper for binder
Small pack of note cards/index cards
Optional Supplies
Colored Pencils
Embedded Tutorial
Contact Information
Homework is not given every day
Consists of readings, review of class notes, practice problems, lab notes, lab prep, lab write-ups, projects, online investigations, computer work, and other activities
Is posted on the board daily and online assignments are posted on the website
Website Address:
Our Campus - Staff Directory - Science - Potts
The last 20 minutes of each class is used for:

Helping students that have a C-, D, or F in class

Making up short quizzes and assignments

Time for tardy students to make up missed class time

Behavioral intervention for students not displaying appropriate behavior in class

Complete missed assignments

Enrichment activities

Additional Instruction Time

I am available if a student arranges a time to meet with me before or after school.
Projects/Labs– - 25%

Test/Quizzes (includes Final) - 15% & 10%

Classwork - 15%

Participation/Attendance - 10%

Notebook - 10%

Homework - 15%

A – 100% - 90%

B – 89% - 80%

C – 79% - 70%

D – 69% - 60%

F – 59% - 0%

(“-” and “+” grades will be given)
Late Work
Late assignments will lose 10% per day and after 5 or more days, the maximum grade is possible is 50% of the points earned.

If absent, a student has the same number of days to make up any missed work

Missed tests or quizzes must be completed within one week of returning from an absence
Phone Number: 714.848.0656 x4827

Email: – dpotts@hbuhsd.edu

Room: – 627

Please feel free to call to make an appointment or to visit and sit in class one day.

Email is the most efficient and quickest way to reach me. I will typically reply within 24 hours.

Grades are updated at least once per week and posted in class.

If you provide an email address, progress reports are emailed weekly.
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