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Allegory of the Cave

No description

Darryl Kershaw

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Allegory of the Cave

Amanda, Trent, Cole, and Darryl Allegory of the Cave Prisoners In the Allegory of the Cave, the
prisoners were chained by the ignorance of the world. Cave The cave was their barrier from the world, their
shelter from the outside knowledge of the world Fire Within the cave, the prisoners were given
a simple fire to provide a
light that gave them a limited
knowledge of their surroundings. Shadows The shadows showed their limited interpretation
of the world. The shapes and forms they saw
were given to them by the fire that burned behind
them. The echoes from the voices they heard represent a twisted reality in which everything is distorted and nothing is understood clearly. Echoes Release The prisoner was released from his chains and had a revelation. His eyes became open to the new, unknown world. When the prisoner was released from the cave and saw the light for the first time, it blinded him. This world was a new truth and greater knowledge that was hard to see. Feelings Light and Sun Changes The released prisoner attempted to tell his fellow prisoners of this new world, but they could not understand him. This shows that he is now barricaded from the ignorance of the world like the prisoners are from the new world. Bolsheviks/Russian Workers Soviet Union Soviet Military Forces Russian Media Russian Media Alteration Liberalization in Russia Fall of the USSR Political Intervention The New Russia They remained ignorant and started a faction under Lenin to overthrow the government, and eventually became prisoners. The Soviet Union was like their cave. It kept their knowledge limited to what the Soviet Union felt they needed to know. The military forces provided the fire for the people. They kept the people rallied up and it's where the people got their opinions and knowledge. The media was a result of the provided information that the military had allowed to be accessed. This was the shadow of the truth the people saw. The distortion and twisted reality is similar to how the people heard the echoes in the cave. They only heard the provided sound and not the real sound. The people of Russia only heard what the government wanted them to hear. Gorbachev allowed the country to release its hold and allowed slight capitalism in order to save their economy. This was the start to a liberal Russia When the fall occurred, the people were allowed to know more about the world and their surroundings. They were provided with a new understanding of the world. Things in Russia "lightened up" Because of President Nixon's detente and other political moves, Russia's feelings began to change and they started to lean towards the Democratic lifestyle. Russia did away with its old Fascist ways and changed into what is now the new Republic of Russia. CONNECTION Is this the real life?? Is this just fantasy??
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