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Telematic New Music Ensemble

Lan Dương

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Totalism

Minimalism &
Downtown United States {1980s - 1990s} Totalism Totalism Is: Totalism Is Not: Modern Music Serialism:
Henry Cowell Totalism Total Serialism: take structuring devices that were traditionally used
for pitch and apply them to other elements, especially rhythm MINIMALISM:
Additive Meter
Gradual, Linear
Progression of
Rejection of Ensembles, Performance Tradition, European Classical Rhetoric, & Pop Music Purpose = a balance b/w surface rhythmic energy & background complexity
Developed parallel to postminimalism 1950s 1960s 1980s - 90s Minimalism. Totalism has more
complex rhythms (polyrhythm),
doesn't repeat, global rhythmic structure instead of gradual
Postminimalism. POSTMINIMALISM:
diatonic pitch language
tonal in effect
general evenness in dynamics w/o strong climaxes / emotional effects TOTALISM:
many overlapping steady beats
no single pitch as tonic
no concept of dissonance v. consonance steady pulse
borrows from world music & pop music
avoids traditional tonality & obvious / formal linear design 9/8 meter with F & A in
violin & viola + low E
drone in bass clarinet v.
interruptive percussion
quarter notes "Rhythmically Polytonal" "A short circuit to the no-win situation
between serialism and minimalism.
Composers born in the 50s feel like survivors,
their noses bloodied in a pointless battle
between a commercially successful music of
simpleminded patterns on the one hand, and on the other, a cult of stupid pitch tricks that tried
to pass off complicatedness as intellectuality.
Meanwhile, the organic complexity of Jazz
and Third World music beckoned, attractive
but inaccessible to those whose backgrounds
had already conditioned them. Kyle Gann, 2006
"Totally Ismic: Totalism"
Music Downtown: Writings
from the Village Voice Eurototalists:
Bang on a Can;
textures Meditationists:
Asian music;
descended from La Monte Young; 1 theme
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