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Athletics Current Issue Project

No description

Steven Annema

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Athletics Current Issue Project

Create active learners(Image Bearers of God)
Higher order thinking/problem solving
Effective Christian leaders.
Engage student-athletes more effectively within the athletic department through:
1. Film Analysis
2. Practice Planning
3. Devotions/Spiritual Integration
Practice Plans
My Experiences as a Coach
Posting Practice Plans
Pre-Practice Meeting
The Practice Itself
Lack of Involvement
The Wrong Approach (see clips)
1. Habit
2. Lack of Depth
3. Disconnected
No room for "OLD SCHOOL" coaches?
Frequently unsettled
“Confronting the human tendency to be comfortably mediocre is exhausting. It’s a battle in leadership.” Dave Brandt (Navy Men's Soccer Head Coach)
No Room for
Dumb Jocks

Uncomfortable at Bible Study?
Film Analysis
Examples of the Wrong Way
What a typical session might look like.
A better way:
1. Who?: All players participate
--groups within team look at film together
2. Why?: Visual "eyes"/Field Vision
3. How?: Hudl (web based video software)
4. Other possibilities:
--use of iPad or cell phone at practice
for peer coaching
A Better Way
Meaningful Player Involvement
Numerous Possibilities
Broad Benefits
1 Timothy 4:8: For physical training is of some
value, but godliness has value for all things,
holding promise for both the present life and
the life to come.
1. Theme Based Devotions: Fist Attributes
Care, Culture, Passion, Respect, Trust
2. Player Led Retreats/Circles
3. Apply to Leadership Principles
Build trust
Model what they want others to do
Empower other people
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