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Business Plan

No description

Alan Waugh

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of Business Plan

Ultimate Goals
Top 30 Targets
Why Renewables?
Business Plan
Alan Waugh - 4th September, 2015

Which path to take?
Current Opportunities:
Renewable Energy Vacancies advertised in last 15 days
138, with 83 paying a salary over 40k
Strengths & Opportunities
Brand recognition, existing Clients & active candidate database
Goal to provide 100% of electricity from renewables by 2020 & Fossil free by 2030. Renewable sources generated 49.8% of gross electricity consumption in 2014
Rising cost of oil means alternative energy resources may be sought
Data as at March 2015 show that Scotland had 7.4 GW of installed renewable electricity generation capacity, with an additional 8.9 GW of capacity either under construction or consented. Taking in to account pipeline projects, the total renewable capacity either in operation or in planning totals 20.7 GW.
Weaknesses & Threats
Relatively unknown in the market. Competiton; although not fierce, has more of a footprint.
UK Government look to withdraw funding for onshorewind, Solar and Biomas projects, meaning finance needs to come from the private sector. Offshore wind projects have, so far, been unaffected.
Siemens have recently released a report
containing concerns of a skills shortage in the sectors. It also states that 1 in 4 are leaving
for adjacent markets; this may cease due to
the heavy job losses in the oil & gas space.
Should the SNP have a decisive victory in
the 2016 Holyrood elections, then it is likely
they will call for another referendum; with or
without David Camerons support. If successful, the financial climate may be uncertain in the interim.
In Onshore and Offshore Wind Powered projects alone, there are 315 projects operational, 52 under construction and approval consented for another 357 across Scotland
For Hays to become the go-to company for all of Scotlands renewable industry requirements.
To build a team of industry experts who specialise in specific areas of the Divison. i.e. Wind, Solar, Hydro etc.
To Generate over 750k of GM revenue within the first 5 years
0-6 Months Strategy
Become familiar with Hays culture, systems & processes
Take immediate ownership of any vacancies which fall under my scope
Work closely with the Marketing Team to develop material tailored to specific hiring requirements
Liase with internal staff, to determine where there could be crossover opportunities with existing clients
Concentrate on Perm market for quick wins
Establish new candidate pipeline through advertising, peer referral, reference checks, database regeneration networking & headhunting
Identify potential client streams through market mapping, cv stripping, reference checks and exploring existing vacancies on job boards etc.
Request assistance from the candidate attraction team to commence search for additional team member (timeline to be determined by volume)
0-6 Months Targets
Introduced our services to at least two Hiring Managers from each of my top 30 target list
Signed terms with at least two clients new to Hays
Placed minimum 4 candidates on permanent placements
Secured placements for at least two candidates in the contractor space
Represent a core group of 10 candidates for reverse marketing purposes
Attend at least one industry event
Generate GM revenue of over 25K
6-12 Months Strategy
Have a thorough understanding of all business lines, so I am well equipped to cross sell where there is an opportunity to do so
Look to introduce as many of my peers as possible to any new clients I secure
Begin to target all clients who provide services to the top 30 client list
Look to place more emphasis on the 12 month + contractor market
Assess the market to ascertain whether there is enough scope to recruit an additional team member
6-12 Month Targets
Active client contract portfolio to exceed 6 by month 12
Make 15+ placements
Represent a core group of 20 candidates for reverse marketing
Exceed 100 face to face meetings
Have a 1/3 interview to placement ratio
Generate GM revenue of over 50K (at least 10K to come from contractor revenue)
Year 2 Targets
Portfolio of active client contracts to exceed 20 by the end of month 24
Sign MSA terms with at least one client
Minimum of 40 placements made (15 from contractor space)
Have exclusive early access to vacancies with at last 5 clients
Represent a core group of 40 for reverse marketing
Attend one industry event per quarter where possible
Generate more than 150K by month 24
Year 3 Targets
Active client portfolio to reach 35 by end of third year
Sign MSA terms with an additional two clients
Represent a group of over 50 candidates across all areas within the division
Attend one industry event per quarter where possible
Minimum 60 placements (60/40 split between perm and contract)
Have a 1/2 interview to placement ratio
Break the 250K GM revenue mark by month 36
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