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Brooke Webb:D

No description

Mrs Feeney

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Brooke Webb:D

Double click anywhere & add an idea Stock Market Project Project by: Brooke Webb
Period 5 American Eagle was founded by Mark and Jerry Silverman in 1977. The company sells clothing and accessories, targeting 15 to 25 year olds. They make about $207.77 million a year. Pepsi-Cola was founded in 1890.
The founders are Caleb Bradham, Donald M. Kendall and Herman W. Lay.
The company makes snacks and carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks like pepsi! They make about $ 43 billion a year. I picked American Eagle because I like their clothes and it's one of my favorite stores. I picked Pepsi-Cola because I like to drink Pepsi, even if its not the best thing for you to drink. And I think they are good company. This is the line graph that shows the stocks of Pepsi-Cola and American Eagle over a period of time. American Eagle has about 6,500 employees. Pepsi-Cola has about 198,000 employees. For American Eagle, the profit and loss went up and down then it spiked back up but it gradually started to go down. Pepsi-Cola started to climb up higher but then it started to plumit <---- Pepsi-Cola brands <--- An example of American Eagle clothes. I thought this project was fun and different because i have never used prezi before and i think it's cooler then a powerpoint. I wouldn't change anyhing about this project. I think it was a good way of showing our stocks. When investing, you should pick a strong, popular company. Pepsi-Cola had a profit of $395.25. American Eagle had a profit of $560.56.
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