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Rizal and his women

No description

Charleston Bambalan

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of Rizal and his women

The Women of Rizal 10 significant women in
Rizal's life There were about ten significant women in Rizal's life. Believed to be the first girl to capture the heart of Rizal. They met at the river when Julia was taking a bath with Rizal's grandmother. Julia was 14 yrs old and Rizal was 15 by that time. She saw her in a red tapis with her long hair flowing down her shoulders. Julia "The puppy love" She was a young Batangeña that was engaged to Manuel Luz. They met at the Brijida de Quinto's suburban house in Tronzo.

Her pet name was "Rose of Lipa". The first gift of Segunda to Rizal was her portrait and a white paper rose that she clipped on his hat band. The first gift of Rizal to her sketched portrait.

Segunda left before Rizal got the chance to confess his love. Segunda Katigbak "The rebellious first love" "The crazy love triangle" Rizal was 17 when she met Leonor Valenzuela, they we're neighbors when Rizal boarded in Doña Concha Levya's Intramuros house during his sophomore years at the University of Santo Thomas.

Rizal had a wingman, Jose "Chengcoy" Cecillo, claimed as to be Rizal's self-anointed Apoderado Energico (Energetic Proxy)

Rizal expressed his love to Orang by writing invisible ink, a mixture of table salt and water.

Sadly, Orang married another man. Leonor "Orang" Valenzuela "We're just friends" That's all folks! Julia
Segunda Katigbak
Leonor Valenzuela
Leonor Rivera
Consuelo Ortega
O-Sei San
"Gettie" Beckette
Nellie Boustead
Suzanne Jacoby
Josephine Bracken Because Julia can't seem to catch butterflies, Rizal made the move of capturing two butterflies and picking up some wild flowers, as a gift to the lovely lady. According to the historian Carlos Quirino, she was, vibrant yet modest,
oval faced, and olive skinned, and blessed with simple beauty. Rizal never wrote anything about Julia in his books, and when Rizal left Calamba, the two never saw each other again. The surname of Julia was never known. Rizal's line to Segunda. "My usually loquacious tongue becomes mute when my heart is filled with sentiment" Leonor Rivera "Forsaken love affair" Rizal was 18 by the time when he fell inlove with his childhood playmate, Leonor Rivera, and his energetic proxy is there once again to be his wingman. Leonor was the model of Maria Clara, one of the main characters of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. Her codename and petname from Rizal was La Cuestion Del Oriente and Taimis. Obstacles in their relationship. The parents of Leonor, Antonio and Silvesta Rivera, disapproves Rizal, and they intercepted and destroyed every letter of Rizal to her.

Leonor did not know that Rizal made a pact with his elder brother Paciano, to never get married.

After Rizal left for Europe, they never met again, and Leonor Rivera was forced to marry an Englishman named Henry Kipping.

Rizal's lines to Leonor: "Can I forget you? Your memory has always kept me company; it has saved me from dangers along the way..." Consuelo Ortiga y Perez "Rebound girl" Broken hearted from his beloved Leonor, Rizal met a spanish girl named, Consuelo, the daughter of the manila mayor, Don Pablo Ortiga y Rey.

Rizal had three rivals, Antonio Paterno, Maximo Paterno and Eduardo de Lete.

His gifts to Consuelo were, native clothes, paris music sheets, the first flower from a houseplant and a poem composed for her.

Eduardo de Lete, turned out to be the victor in their love rivalry with Consuelo, Rizal shed no tear. Rizal on Consuelo Usui Seiko "The one month love affair" On the second travel of Rizal to Europe, he met Suiko when he passed through Japan. Rizal was about 27 years old during this time. Rizal gave her the pet name of "O-Sei-San"

O Sei San is a Japanese samurai’s daughter taught Rizal the Japanese art of painting known as su-mie. She also helped Rizal improve his knowledge of Japanese language. If Rizal was a man without a patriotic mission, he would have married this lovely and intelligent woman and lived a stable and happy life with her in Japan because the Spanish legation there offered him a lucrative job. Rizal left Japan for San Francisco, even though the father of O-Sei-San asked Rizal to stay and marry her daughter. Rizal on Usui Seiko "O-Sei-San - sayonara, sayonara! ... No woman like you has ever loved me. No woman like you has made sacrifices..." Gertrude Beckett "The unrequited love" Rizal was still 27 when he met Gertrude, a bristish lady. Her nickname was Gettie or Tottie.

Gertrude, a blue-eyed and buxom girl was the oldest of the three Beckett daughters. She fell in love with Rizal. Tottie helped him in his painting and sculpture. But Rizal suddenly left London for Paris to avoid Gertrude, who was seriously in love with him. Before leaving London, he was able to finish the group carving of the Beckett sisters. He gave the group carving to Gertrude as a sign of their brief relationship. Rizal on Gertrude "I'm not going to commit the indignity of placing passion over pure and virginal love, such as she might offer." Nellie Boustead "The crazy love triangle" "The secret love affair" Rizal was 28 when he met Nellie, who was a mestiza daughter of a Flipina and a wealthy French-English merchant whose house was frequented by Filipinos in France.

In a party held by Filipinos in Madrid, a drunken Antonio Luna (Rizal's love rival) uttered unsavory remarks against Nellie Boustead. This prompted Rizal to challenge Luna into a duel. Fortunately, Luna apologized to Rizal, thus averting tragedy for the compatriots. Their love affair unfortunately did not end in marriage, because Rizal refused to be converted to the Protestant faith, as Nellie demanded and Nellie’s mother did not like a physician without enough paying clientele to be a son-in-law. The lovers, however, parted as good friends when Rizal left Europe. Suzanne Jacoby "Friends with benefits" Rizal was 29 when he met Suzanne, a Luxembourger, they met when Rizal moved to Brussels due to the high cost of living in Paris. He stayed in the boarding house operated by the Jacoby sisters.

It wasn't long before he and Suzanne became lovers. Rizal however left Brussels and continued with his journey. Although she cried when he left her, she continued sending him letters with hope that he will come back.
Suzanne was the model of Rizal's clay figurine, a sculpted nude woman. Suzanne called him a little bad boy. Suzanne on Rizal "A thousand things serve to distract your mind , my friend; but in my case, I am sad, lonely, always alone with my thoughts--nothing, absolutely nothing, relieves my sorrow. Are you coming back? Josephine Bracken "The last woman" Rizal met an 18-year old petite Irish girl, with bold blue eyes, brown hair and a happy disposition. She was Josephine Bracken. Rizal was physically attracted to her. His loneliness and boredom must have taken the measure of him and what could be a better diversion that to fall in love again. But the Rizal sisters suspected Josephine as an agent of the friars and they considered her as a threat to Rizal’s security.
Rizal tried to arrange with Father Antonio Obach for their marriage. However, the priest wanted a retraction as a precondition before marrying them. Rizal upon the advice of his family and friends and with Josephine’s consent took her as his wife even without the Church blessings. Josephine later give birth prematurely to a stillborn baby, a result of some incidence, which might have shocked or frightened her. Josephine had a miscarriage due to a prank of Rizal that frightened her. A little boy of eight months was born, who lived for only three hours. Rizal named him Francisco in honor of his father, and buried the child in Dapitan. THE END "I am going to be like one of those travelers who treads a path lined with flowers: Passing without touching them in the hope of finding something indefinable" Come back here,
JOSE! I miss my, little
bad boy :(
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