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No description

Courtney Nielsen

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of BoneShaker

by:Cherie Priest In order to win a contest, in the Klondike period, Leviticus Blue has made a 50 ft machine capable of thawing through ice, to get to a large amount of gold. But on a test drive, the machine becomes uncontrollable and ravages through downtown Seattle, killing people and destroying buildings, and unleashing a poisonous gas called Blight. The Blight turns anyone who breathes it in, into mindless zombies known as rotters. To keep the Blight in, the city starts the construction of a wall that cuts off downtown from the rest of Seattle. Anyone stuck inside the wall, soon became missing, including Leviticus Blue. 16 Years after the boneshaker incident, Levi's wife, Briar Wilkes, and 15 year old son, Ezekiel Wilkes, are living in the outskirts of the wall, with a horrible reputation. Nobody likes the two of them for what the boneshaker has done. So as way to find his dad is innocent, Ezeikiel goes behind Briars back and into the sealed off city by a runoff tunnel. Zeke is trying to go to his mom's old house, to find any letter or paperwork was that the boneshaker's destruction of downtown was an accident. Having learned this, Briar goes into a frenzy and thinks up ways to go over the wall to save her son from rotters, the blight, and other mysterious figures lurking in the dark. This picture gives off what downtown Seattle may have looked like after the blight. The Blight was so heavy, there was hardly any sun. The place inside the wall was always dark and muddy. There were the occasional crow, but they were always unpredictable. They would either attack any moving morsel, or be the bystander and watch. In an attempt to rescue her son, Briar negotiates with some air pirates to give her a lift into the city. When safely inside the city, she accidentally gets the attention of a school of rotters and becomes trapped in a building. There, a man is metal armor (Jeremiah Swakshammer) comes to her rescue and saves Briar. Swakshammer and Briar then go to an underground pub, where Briar meets a group of peaceful and nice people. But the time she spent there was shorten due to a pack or rotters slowly trapping the people in the pub. With no where else to go, the crowd of people are forced to expose themselves to the outside world with ravaging rotters everywhere they turned. The crowd of people then realize that the rotters who destroyed their pub had been a gift from a Dr. Minnericht, who acts an awful lot like Briars missing husband Leviticus Blue. Masks like these were a necessity to live in the walled up city. In order to keep them from breathing in the blight and turning into a rotter, they had to change to filters constantly and make sure the mask was carefully secured. While the people were out in the open walking to a new destination, Hank, a drunkard, forgot to snap his mask on securely, causing him to breathe in the Blight. About an hour after walking, Hank abruptly turned into a rotter and bit Briar's hand. While Zeke is in the city, He meets a shady character by the name of Rudy. Zekes asks Rudy if he could help out in finding Briar's old house, and Rudy sinisterly agrees. While walking through underground tunnels, Zeke a Rudy encounter a number of people who all give warning that Rudy is deceiving Zeke. Zeke blows them off and stays close to Rudy. While in a tower, a warship comes crashing down and crushes the top, making debris of fallen stone fall carelessly on top of anything in its way. Unable to get out of the tower in time, Rudy and Zeke separate and everything for Zeke became black and soundless. Warships like these were used to deliver war supplies to the was in the east. But pirates would usually commandeer these ships and use it to transport drugs from within the walls to the outskirts. The one that crashed into the tower that Zeke was in, had been trying to use the tower to anchor the ship, but the tower was to weak, thus the tower fell. Zeke is found by an older native lady and then put on a warship that crashed into the tower he was in. While they are in takeoff, a smaller ship comes in from their side and knocks Zeke's ship over. While holding on for his life, he falls out of the warship, but is caught by the attacking ship. The attacking ship however crashes on the ground letting the warship get away. The captain of the attacking ship, Captain Cly, recognizes Zeke as the son of his latest passenger Briar. While trying to get his ship back up, Zeke finds a door and he escapes the ship, and runs in the dangerous rotter filled streets. He is then caught by the mysterious Dr. Minnericht's henchman, and taken to Dr. Minnerichts living quarters. Upon their first meeting, Dr. Minnericht claims that he is Levi Blue, and that Zeke was his son. Airship pirates like this, were most seen around the city walls. Captain Cly attacked the warship because, the warship had belonged to him until Captain Hainey, an enemy of Cly, had stole it. Everyone in the underground tunnels believed that Dr. Minnericht was Leviticus Blue, for he always wore his gas mask even in clean air, and he came up with the most brilliant inventions. But Briar was almost certain he was not. She held on to the belief that her former husband was dead, but she had a little doubt. So she asked Lucy, the former barkeep at the pub before it had been destroyed by rotters, to take her to Dr. Minnericht. Lucy escorted her to where Dr. Minnericht lived and asked for a meeting. His living quarters were heavily armed and guarded, but thanks to Lucy, they were let in. Upon seeing Briar, Dr. Minnericht sent Lucy out. When in a comfortable area, Minnericht hints that he is Levi, by asking Briar why she had kept Zeke from him. She was not falling for anything and stubbornly refused to believe that he was Levi. To this, he brought out a gun and hit Briars head with it, knocking her unconscious. Minnericht then went to where Zeke was staying in his guest area and told Zeke that his mother had come after him and was now missing. Zeke became restless and was now looking for ways to escape Minnerichts' and to try and find his mom. Tunnels like these were connected to every building in the city. They were welled armed against rotters and had a air ventilation system that filtered out the Blight. People could take off their masks down here, but the air was still putrid and horrid. Lucy and Briar went through a tunnel like this to get to Minnericht's living quarters. Figuring out that Briar wasn't meant to return to her friends in the tunnels, Lucy went down and told everyone what had happened, giving everyone the excuse they needed to start a war between the unfair Minnericht and his 'items' (everyone that lived within the wall.) So the people in the tunnel purposely lead the rotters to Minnericht's living area, where the rotters attacked and swarmed. While the guards were busy with the multiplying rotters, the people from the pub slipped inside and tried their best to find Briar. Zeke was on the prowl for a way out when he ran into the terrifyingly big Swakshammer, who told Zeke to look for his mother inside. He did so, and soon found his unconscious mother in a guest bedroom. He woke her up and began trying to find a way out when a series of loud bangs were heard from the upstairs. The guards and armored door had given in and the rotters were rapidly pouring into the living area. Lucy found Zeke and Briar, and helped them escape to the broken down airship outside the house. Captain Cly was amazed to see Briar still alive and the runaway boy. On their lift off, Briar asked Cly if he could stop by her old house so she could show Zeke the answers to his questions. They did, and Briar showed Zeke the terrible boneshaker, but inside the seat of the boneshaker was a dried up corpse with half the back of its head blown off. Upon seeing this, the confused Zeke turned toward his mother, who looked at him and said ,"Still think Minnericht's your father?" Rotters were people who had been affected by the blight. They were no longer living mentally, but their bodies moved fast and they had an incredible sense of hearing. Rotters were usually in packs of thousands and were blood hungry. When they stormed Minnericht's living quarters, they went after anyone and anything that moved. In the end Minnericht became a meal for them due to a wound in his neck. Courtney Nielsen
Period 5 Minnericht may be the man who destroyed downtown Seattle.
He may be Leviticus Blue Zeke is kidnapped and is then taken to his father? Zeke meets Rudy the Deserter and then, the airship that is suppose to save Zeke almost kills him Briar meets people living in the once thought unlivable city The Saving of Briar and Zeke, and the truth being reveiled.
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