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Milking Machine

No description

Kobe Burtron

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Milking Machine

Milking Machine
By: Sam Hood

Inventor/Invented Part 2
- Carl Gustav de Laval made the first commercially successful version and was put on sale in 1918.
What it replaced
- It replaced the aggravating task of milking the animal by hand
- Has four teat cups, a claw, a long milk tube, a long pulsator tube, and a pulsator, a separate tube could go into either a separate tub or bucket.
- In 1878 a New Jersey woman named, Anna Baldwin, first made a suction milking machine
- Milking Machine used for extracting milk out of dairy animals, such as cattle and goat.
Basic Milking Machine
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Carl Gustav de Laval
Hand Milking a Cow
Modern milking machine
How it Advanced Ag
The milking machine advanced Agriculture by making milk production a lot faster.
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