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Roots to Results

Bus 203

Aaron Warkentin

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of Roots to Results

Adolescent Years
Early Adulthood
No Typical Female Offender
Killer Kathy
A look into the life of the "Average" American Girl
Life In Prison
1) Kathy was charged with second degree murder (5 years to life)

2) Ed was charged with involuntary manslaughter (1 year to 15 years)
• Average American Girl
• Parents divorced when she was so young that she had no idea that her first step father wasn't her biological dad.
• Spanked her once, she thought she deserved it
• Locked the doors on him then left out that back door
• Parents never fought but her mom fell in lust for a younger man so they got a divorce and said the reason was "sexual incompatibility"
• Second step father spanked Kathy all the time and even abused her mother to the point where she'd have a black eye
• They divorced after 7 years then Kathy's mother married another younger man who had other kids for her to raise
• Kathy lost her virginity to a guy she thought she loved then he left town after a hit and run incident
• Played the field ,liked sex but she made it clear to guys that she was not an "easy lay"
- After dropping out of high school at 17, Kathy moved in with her boyfriend Ellis and eventually became pregnant with her first child.
- Soon Kathy and Ellis's relationship crumbled and they separated.
- Even though not legally divorced from Ellis, Kathy started a new relationship with Ed.
- One evening Kathy spanked Steven for misbehaving with her sandal

- Then later that evening while Kathy was out Ed spanked Steven again with his belt for making a fuss

- When Kathy came home and Ed informed her of this incident she checked on Steven and did not think he was breathing, however Ed told her that Steven was "ok"

- The next morning Kathy and Ed discovered that Steven was not ok

- Kathy and Ed hid Steven in a storage room, and called 911 saying that Steven was missing
Just an average "American"
The Case
Once the investigation of their missing son "Steven" started Kathy was feeling guilty, this is where information regarding the spanking started to slip. Kathy mentions that once the secret was out and her and Ed were being charged she did not care about the sentence she received.

Ed however plead innocent to the first degree murder charge and insisted that he had nothing to do with his sons murder, and that he did not even spank Steven
As discussed in class there is no "typical" female offender, Kathy's case is very individualistic and complex in nature
We noticed that Kathy suffered from at least 2 of the abuses as discussed in chapter 4 of the Barker Text;
1) Physical Abuse
2) Mental/Emotional Abuse
Kathy's Life Stressors
- Kathy's poor childhood experience
- Kathy's inability to create a stable relationship
- Ed's Aggression
- Andrea's Constant Harassment and Death
- Children fighting and not getting along
- Ed's unpredictable, unreliable behavior.
- Financial Instability

As noted on the previous slide Kathy had endured a lot of stress throughout her life, and by developing proper functional coping strategies the death of her step son may have been prevented.
The textbook discusses how women who have killed their children are generally present with characteristics of powerlessness, oppression, alienation from others, and an inability to effectively deal with life stressors. We believe that Kathy is a prime example of what our text book is describing here, and believe that Kathy needs to develop more effective coping strategies, work through some of her self esteem issues, and build more positive relationships.
Functional Coping Strategies Examples
1) Getting involved in the Community
2) Reaching out for emotional support
3) Exercise
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