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World War Z

No description

john wayne

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of World War Z

Amarillo, Texas, USA
Grover Carlson
Page 74
" Drop everything, focus all our efforts,

typical alarmist crap."
Page 75
"We produced an
educational video
for state and local law enforcement about
what to do in case of an outbreak
. The Department of Health and Human Services had a
page on it's website for how citizens should respond to infected family members
Troy, Montana, USA
Mary Jo Miller
Page 84
" I know
I freed Jenna. I remember that
, and just a second later, Tim came in the room, with this thick, black goo all over his shirt. He had the gun in one hand and Finley's leash in the other. He
threw me the car keys and told me to get the kids in the Suburban
. He ran into the backyard as we headed for the garage. I heard his
gun go off as I started the engine
Taos, New Mexico
Arthur Sinclair Jr.
Page 171
"... of rubble and refugees. There was
starvation, disease, homelessness
in the millions. Industry was in shambles, transportation and trade had evaporated... We had to get our people on their feet again--
clothed, fed, housed
, and back to work..."
Page 173-174
"...the refugee camps. There were hundreds of them....all requiring government assistance, all acute drains on rapidly diminishing resources.... group of instructors would be tasked with infusing these..cubicle mice with the knowledge necessary to make it on their own.
It was an instant success. Within three months you saw a marked drop in requests for government aid."
Sand Lakes Provincial Wilderness Park, Manitoba, Canada
Jesika Hendricks
Page 152-163
"No I don't blame them, the government...But the irresponsible way they did it, the lack of vital information.."

"No more instruction on where to head north, what to bring with us, how to survive.."

"This is what people brought with them: hair dryers, Game Cubes, Laptops by the dozen."

"Okay, maybe they couldn't get a proper bag...but you can't believe how ignorant some of these people were."
Bethlehem, Palestine
Saladin Kader
Page 49
"....they seemed to be the only country actively preparing for the coming storm..."
Tel Aviv, Israel
Jurgen Warmbrunn
Page 40
" Most people don't believe something can happen until it already has. That's not stupidity or weakness, that's just human nature. "
Page 44
" Isn't that all we are? Just a brain kept alive by a complex and vulnerable machine we call the body? The brain cannot survive if just one part of the machine is destroyed or even deprived of such necessities as food or oxygen."
Kyoto, Japan
Sensei Tomonaga Ljiro
Page 271
" All I had with me was a water bottle, a change of clothes, and my ikupasuy....which also served... as my walking stick."
Ulithi Atoll, Federated States of Micronesia
Barati Palsnigar
Page 242
"Much of it had to do with basic survival: how to purify water, create an indoor greenhouse, culture and process mold spore for penicillin."
World War Z
Natural Disasters
Human Survival Kit
Horse And Human Survival Kit
Horse and Human First Aid Kit
How to be better prepared for emergencies on the Trails?
Why bother?
Increases chance of survival
Get hurt on the trail either horse of rider
No means to get to veterinary or hospital services
No cell phone coverage
"More than 53% of Americans do not have a three-day supply of nonperishable food and water in their home."
" 55 % of Americans think they can rely on Authorities to come to their rescue."
First Aid
Create a simple inexpensive starter first-aid kit.
Geared more for the inexperienced rider.
Concealable--in trial bag
One-day trial kit
Horse First-Aid Kit
The Goal
Planning the Solution
3-day survival kit for horse and human
Horse first-aid kit
Horse and Human kit
easy to store
" 44%
of U.S. adults
don't have first-aid kits
48% lack emergency supplies..."
The First Prototype
Visited websites
Asked my Veterinarian
Pulled from my experiences
Heard stories
Used prior knowledge I learned from clinic
Competitors on the Market
Mobile First Aid Kit

Equine/Horse Small Trailering First Aid Kit

Horn Bag First Aid Kits

Equimedic Small Wound Care Kit

Horse Aid First- Aid Kit

Mini First Aid Kit

Saddle Bag size Travel First Aid Kit

Steps of gathering Intel:




$42.29+ $9.34 shipping


Improvements Needed
First Aid book
Alcohol wipes
Iodine wipes
Saline solution
smaller duct tape roll
Ice pack
Additions to Horse First Aid
Additions to
Human First Aid
Non-Adhering adaptic pad
Big Adhesive bandage
Gauze pad
Advil or Tylenol
Bee Sting
Change the over all bag design to make it easier to carry on trial.
Covers both Human and Horse
Prepared for accidents on the trial
The rider can help themself on trial
No cell phone serives can't contact authorities
Have something when lost
Stop major blending
Stuck on road not close to Veterinary or Hospital services
Total Cost $14.50
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