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Effects of The Crusades

No description

Allen Ferreri

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of Effects of The Crusades

Results of The Crusades Cultural Diffusion Opened up European trade with Southwest Asia where people were introduced to even more exotic spices, fruits and cloth. Muslim discoveries helped to advance technology giving Europe the compass algebra, new ways to build ships, and new ideas in medicine. Decline in Church Power Church gets a bad reputation for not practicing what it preaches. Pope's power declines Power of the Kings increases but the noble's power decreases Trade Increases Italian cities like Genoa, and Venice become centers of trade and become wealthy Muslims distrust Christians Money and banks became important in Europe All of the Intolerance and prejudice displayed by the Christians during the Crusades left a legacy of bitterness and hatred End of Feudalism Many Nobles and Serfs Die Answer these Questions about The Crusades Who: What: When: Where: Why: How: Journal 8: http://www.hotelclub.com/blog/10-must-try-exotic-fruits/ Muslims helped to revitalize Greco-Roman culture and practices Homework:
Rank the results of the Crusade from most important to least important giving a social, political, or economic explanation for your ranking.
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