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The Weight of Water By Sarah Crossan

No description

Cassie K.

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of The Weight of Water By Sarah Crossan

Elements of Fiction
Element 1: Flashback

Setting switched- England to past Poland in middle of book
Chapter is in the past, Before England
"Mama pitched a cup at the wall. Dada shouted."
Dada doesn't live with family anymore (clue)
Cassie Karcher Period 6
The Weight of Water
By Sarah Crossan

Protagonist: Kasienka
From Poland(has accent)
Dad left her family
Moved to England
Mature for the age of 12
She is shy and negative
Wants to fit in at school

Antagonist: Claire
"Queen bee" in grade
Very self centered and mean
Center of everyone's life
Bullies Kasienka for attention
Exposition Continued
Setting: Gdansk, Poland
Stansted, England
Late August- before school

Mood: depressing- "The sky is a grey blanket and the rain threatens to drench us."

Uplifting- "She boils the water twice, and makes two mugs of tea. "There's nothing like home," says Mama. "There's nothing like home."
Inciting Incident
Claire picks on Kasienka

Excludes her daily from lunch

Starts rumors about her culture
Between Kasienka and Claire

Claire bullies Kasienka for attention

I think Claire is threatened

Kasienka wants to do something; no one will listen
Kasienka decides to enter the annual school swimming race and beat Claire

Kasienka won first place, gains popularity, stopped Claire

Initial conflict of Claire bullying Kasienka has been resolved
Falling Action
Kasienka stands up to Claire with trophy

Claire is astonished; storms off

Famous for standing up to "Queen bee"
Bullying resolved

Conflict resolved

Fear of not fitting in resolved

No friend situation resolved
everyone fitting in
Element 2: Minor Character

Karono: lives in appartment near Kasienka
Encourages her to make the best of bad days

Mama: Kasienka's mom
Very strict, can't get over when Dada left
Heartbroken, can be either loving or giving a scowl
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