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Amy Murray

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of mercantilism

Mercantilism is...
Settler Colony
Trading Post Colony
Plantation Colony
The colony benefits the mother country by supplying it with raw materials
The purpose of a colony was to benefit the mother country.
there were various European nations who explored and settled in the New World, such as the...
an economic policy
aimed at strengthening
a country's economy.
The country's wealth is measured in gold and silver...
...and increases with the amount of exports.
The types of settlement were impacted by the following factors...
nation leading the settlement
available resources
geographic location
The nation's reason for the settlement
Timeframe in which settlement occurred.
Types of Colonies:
Rich and powerful countries set up trading post colonies so that there would be a territory where trading, selling, and business could be conducted.
The rich and powerful countries usually set up military forts or police forces to enforce the rules and laws of the colonizing country.
With the plantation colony, the powerful, rich country use the poorer country's land to grow crops.
The local people ...and later, African natives... are forced to become slaves and work on the farms.
People from European countries moved to the new region, sometimes forcing the native people to move.
Thousands of people moved to the new world...viewing it not as a place to make money, but as their new home!
The country's wealth is measured in gold and silver...
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