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Using LinkedIn® as a TD Professional

BCI Educational Material for Public Webinars (May 2018)

Teddy Burriss

on 23 October 2018

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Transcript of Using LinkedIn® as a TD Professional

LinkedIn is a Business tool
Launched May 2003
LinkedIn Profile Best Practices
Focus the your Profile content on your Most Important Viewer.
Build a meaningful
LinkedIn Network
Meet someone new every day of your life.
Build a Relevant LinkedIn Network of Most Important Viewers and Influencers
New Philosophy - Lead with Give, not Need.
Building a Keyword Rich LinkedIn Profile
What keywords are relevant to your MIV
Building a Professional Reputation on LinkedIn
It's 2018 and Content is Still King!
LinkedIn Company Pages
Create your own and connect w/ your Employees & Customers
LinkedIn Search Tools
Powerful Search tools
LinkedIn Groups
1,662,000 Groups across all areas of business and even life
Build a Professional & Personal Reputation
Your reputation is a result of your actions and words.
LinkedIn is a Powerful Prospecting Tool
Research, Research, Research - it's all about research
Teddy Burriss
LinkedIn Coach & Trainer
Used LinkedIn in 2007-2010 as an IT Sales Professional
Practice the Process
work the Process
Build your Presence on LinkedIn & Refine it
Focused to your Most Important View with relevant Keywords
Master these areas of LinkedIn
It takes time & effort
LinkedIn Business Process
3 Primary Steps in this Process
568+ Million Members
2 New LinkedIn Members per second
Nearly 10 Million Companies referenced
45 Billion LinkedIn Member Page Views Q1 2016
source - http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/by-the-numbers-a-few-important-linkedin-stats/
Microsoft's Opinion - LinkedIn is not a Fad - It's a legitimate business tool
Top 6 Areas of LinkedIn
Personal Profile focused on your Most Important Viewer (MIV)
Built up a $1M book of business for a small business
Built up a Multi-Million $$ Pipeline of Opportunities
Teaching the best practices of LinkedIn as a Business tool since 2009
Author, blogger, YouTube channel, Speaker, Coach, Trainer
Content in LinkedIn Timeline, Groups and Company Pages focused on MIV
LinkedIn Groups with MIVs and people with similar & different views
LinkedIn Search Tools
LinkedIn Network comprised of MIVs and Influencers
LinkedIn Company Pages with company ideas focused on Most Important Viewers
All content Relevant to who you are & what you do Today.
Only share the past, where it is relevant or show professional growth.
Determine the Keywords important to Your MIV - use these often.
Profile Picture, contact information, Certifications, Community Service.
Spell check, Grammar check, review and update periodically.
As your business or career changes, so should your LinkedIn Profile.
Never send a LinkedIn Invite to someone who does not know you.
Vet all invites. Are they relevant, diverse, interesting, possible MIVs or influencers?
Strive to get to know your most Relevant connections.
Engage Immediately. Simple, quick, differently, based on the connection.
Develop, Nurture and help your network where you can. (Lead with Give)
Sharing Relevant & Useful Content that can help your MIV
Engaging on Newsfeed, Group and Company Page Content to be noticed.
The Content you share or engage on must be Relevant to who you are
Never do, say or engage on LinkedIn in any way you don't want to be seen, heard or perceived of in life. @TLBurriss
Learn to use Filters and Boolean Search strings
Fast, easy, full functioned, across most areas of LinkedIn
Saved Searches for weekly or monthly review
IMHO - the most powerful function of LinkedIn - Find the right people, in the right companies and roles. Find mutual Connections
As many as 1,000,000 members in a Group
Groups of people with similar interests, different ideas & perspectives
Discussions can be of interest and a great place to be discovered
The greatest value of groups is the network of people in these Groups
Follow active pages to stay aware of your clients / prospects
Engage on client / prospect Company Pages to nurture the connection
Find new employees and the best connections through these pages
Use LinkedIn Search to find companies to learn more about.
- Build your Profile
- Use LinkedIn Company Pages and Pay attention to others
- Join and engage in LinkedIn Groups
- Master the LinkedIn Search Tools
- Share & Engage on Relevant and Useful Content
- Grow your LinkedIn Network
#1 - Build a Professional LinkedIn Profile.
#2 - Grow your Network.
#3 - Grow your Professional Reputation.
Review the 11 different areas of LinkedIn where you can use these keywords
Write your Headline, Summary, Experience, Publications, Education, Volunteer, etc with your keywords and MIVs in Mind
All content in your LinkedIn Profile must be relevant to who you are & what you do today, focused again on who? Your Most Important Viewer
Test the Keyword Richness with Find, Word cloud tools, Searches
This is a journey. It takes time, don't rush it.
Connect broadly and diversely. Do not only connect with your clients.
Never invite someone who does not know you. Get them to know you first.
When you have permission, ask your network to introduce you to others.
Always care for your network so they may care for you.
Ask for permission to share ideas and information about you and your business.
Never engage on irrelevant content. It does not help you or others.
Share content relevant and of use to your MIVs.
Adopt the 90/10 rule of sharing content. Just a little about you.
This is an investment of time - Keep up the work, the rewards will come
Think of the people you trust & respect. Maybe, emulate them.
Search for influencers, peers, knowledge, perspectives, ideas
Search for companies, groups, organizations, associations, schools
Find people who you know who can introduce you to others.
Use Saved Search tools to keep LinkedIn feeding you ideas
Do the work and reap the rewards of research, connecting and getting into meaningful conversations. Minimize cold calling.
Build your LinkedIn Network and keep it growing with meaningful Connections.
Keep your reputation growing on LinkedIn to become a trusted and respected authority in your field / industry.
Research to find knowledge, companies, people and ideas that can help your business grow.
People create business value w/ LinkedIn every day
My LinkedIn Profile views > 800 times/month
I get an phone call, email or LinkedIn message weekly from a potential client.
I ask for and get worthwhile prospecting introductions daily.
I do not have to 'validate' myself with references or 'letters' of recommendation any more. My LinkedIn Profile and content speak for me.
Teddy Burriss
LinkedIn Coach, Trainer & Speaker
Using LinkedIn® as a TD Professional
Teddy Burriss, LinkedIn Coach, Trainer & Speaker
The Purpose of this webinar is to introduce Talent Development Professionals to the importance and some Best Practices of Using LinkedIn as a business tool
Share Useful and Relevant Content w/ Followers (MIVs)
poll ?
Poll Question #1 - Who are you building your LinkedIn Profile for?
Poll Question #2 - Who should you connect with on LinkedIn?
Poll Question #3 - What types of content should you engage on?
Let's dig a little deeper
Let's go into LinkedIn and look around
Ask any questions you want in Q&A
get my free Ebook - How to build a professional LinkedIn Profile here:
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