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New High School Foundation Graduation Plan


Justin Kouba

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of New High School Foundation Graduation Plan

A coherent sequence of four courses in CTE in:
Business and Industry
A coherent sequence of four or more credits in CTE in:
Public Services
a. Four advanced courses that prepare a student to enter the
workforce successfully or postsecondary education without
remediation from within one endorsement area or among
endorsement areas that are not in a coherent sequence
Multidisciplinary studies
or four English credits in:
Business and Industry
a. Four social studies courses;
Arts and Humanities
b. Four credits in each of the four foundation subject areas to
include English IV and chemistry and/or physics
Multidisciplinary studies
i. Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
ii. Architecture and Construction
iii. Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and
iv. Business Management and
v. Finance
vi. Hospitality and Tourism
vii. Information Technology
viii. Manufacturing
ix. Marketing
x. Transportation, Distribution, and
i. Advanced Yearbook
ii. Advanced Newspaper
iii. Public speaking
iv. Debate
i. Education and Training
ii. Government and Public Administration
iii. Human Services
iv. Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security
Four courses in Junior Reserve officer Training Corps (JROTC)
d. A coherent sequence of four credits of fine arts
b. Four levels of the same language other than English;
c. Two levels of the same language other than English and
then two levels of another language other than English;
c. Four credits in Advanced Placement or dual credit selected
from English, mathematics, science, social studies,
economics, languages other than English, or fine arts
New High School Foundation Graduation Plan

Differences between the
Recommended and Foundation Plan

Recommended Plan

Requires technology, health, and speech

Requires biology, chemistry and physics

Requires algebra I, geometry, and algebra II

LOTE required but not for Minimum

No endorsement

Minimum plan - not eligible for admission to
a four year university

Offers limited flexibility

v. Health Sciences

ELA 4 credits - English I, II, III, IV

Math 4 credits - Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, 4th math

Science 4 credits - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and a 4th science

Social Studies 4 credits - W. Geo./W. History, US History, Gov/Eco

LOTE 2 credits - 2 years of the same foreign language

PE 1 credit

Fine Arts 1 credit

Electives 4 credits

Speech .5 credit

Health .5 credit

Technology 1 credit
Current Recommended Plan
ELA 4 credits

– English I, II, III; Advanced ELA credit

Math 3 credits

– Two must consist of Algebra I and Geometry

Science 3 credits – One credit must consist of Biology or PAP Biology

Social Studies 3 credits – Two credits must consist of US History,
US Govt/Eco & either W History or W Geography
LOTE 2 credits – any 2 levels of same language other than English
or 2 credits in computer programming language

PE 1 credit

Fine Arts 1 credit

Elective Credit 5 credits

22 credits
New Foundation Graduation Plan
STEM Endorsement
a. Must complete a coherent sequence of four credits in CTE career
clusters: * STEM;
b. Must complete 4 courses in computer science;
c. Must complete 5 credits in math including algebra I, geometry, algebra II and
two additional courses for which Algebra II is a prerequisite,
d. Must complete 5 credits in science including biology, chemistry, physics and 2
additional science courses.
a. Students must specify in writing an endorsement the student intends to earn
upon entering the 9th grade.
b. A district shall permit a student to enroll in courses under more than one
endorsement before the student's junior year and to choose, at any time, to earn
an endorsement other than the endorsement the student previously indicated.
This does not entitle a student to remain enrolled to earn more than 26 credits.
c. A student must earn at least 26 credits to earn an endorsement.
d. A school district may determine a coherent course sequence for an
endorsement area.
e. Students must fulfill all of the requirements for the Foundation Plan and
an additional credit of math and science.
Three New Graduation Plans

Foundation High School Program (FHSP)

Foundation High School Program with an Endorsement

Distinguished Level of Achievement

+ an Endorsement = 26 credits
Distinguished Level of Achievement

"A student may earn a distinguished level of achievement by successfully completing the curriculum requirements for the Foundation High School Program and the curriculum requirements for at least one endorsement required by the
Texas Education Code including four credits in science and four credits in math to include Algebra II."
Text of New 19 TAC

A student must earn distinguished level of achievement to be eligible for the top 10% automatic acceptance into a university/college.
Performance Acknowledgments

A student may earn a performance acknowledgment by:

Outstanding performance:
* in dual credit courses
* in bilingualism and biliteracy
* on an AP test, on the PSAT, the ACT-Plan, the SAT, or the
* for earning a nationally or internationally recognized
business or industry certification or license

Foundation Plan

Not Required

Requires biology and choices in science courses

Requires only algebra I, geometry and choices in
math courses

LOTE required for graduation

An endorsement must be completed along with a 4th year of science and math

Eligible for admission to a four year university

Offers a number of plans designed to match
student interests
Why would I want to change from the Recommended Plan to the new Foundation Plan?
1. To replace courses that are presently required in your
current graduation plan;

2. To take advantage of courses that best meet your interest,
while meeting the graduation requirements of the Foundation Plan.
Do current high school students need to change from the Recommended plan to the new Foundation Graduation plan?
Only if it best fits your plans for the future!
Current 9th, 10th, and 11th graders, according to HB5, may opt into the Foundation Plan for the 2014-2015 school year.
Why would I want to change from the current Recommended Plan to the New Foundation Graduation Plan?
A student may earn a STEM endorsement by completing foundation and general endorsement requirements including Algebra II, chemistry, and physics and:
Deer Park High School/DPISD
New Foundation Graduation Plan Website
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