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5-Year Strategy Map

HCPF updated as of August 2012

Miranda Reeves

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of 5-Year Strategy Map

B. Benefit/ Program
Design A. Integrated
Delivery System E. Client Engagement C. Payment Methodology D. Eligibility & Enrollment A. Internal Communications B. External Communications C. Government Affairs Click the vision, mission, goals or strategies to learn more.
There are buttons within each strategy to show the
logic model! To exit each circle simply click anywhere outside the circle. Encourage the people we serve to actively participate in their own health and health care with a focus on prevention and wellness. Implementation Teams & Work Plans
Client Engagement Matrix Teams Transform the health care delivery
system from a traditional fee-for-service model to a regional, outcomes-focused, client/family-centered, coordinated system of care. Design benefits and programs to improve health outcomes, client experience & lower per capita costs. Develop payment methodologies that align reimbursement with patient outcomes and quality vs. volume of services delivered. Increase enrollment of eligible Coloradans in Medicaid and CHP+. Through development of framework, sharing of information will become more consistent across the department. Develop a strategic communication plan to improve external communications. Improve Communications with legislators through planned outreach efforts. Strategies Department of Health Care Policy & Financing 5-year Strategy Map Improve health care access and outcomes for the people we serve while
demonstrating sound stewardship of financial resources. Logic Models & Implementation Plans A. Workforce Development A. Health Information
Technology (HIT) B. Employee Engagement C. Human Resources Transformation D. Revitalization A. Strategic Management Process (SMP) C. Tri-Agency and Interagency Collaboration A. Program and Policy Expertise B. Fraud, Waste & Abuse Prevention C. Grants Management Develop & Implement a system
that ensures HCPF staff have the appropriate skills and competencies to fulfill HCPF's business objectives. Develop and implement a Revitalization Plan that facilitates communication and coordination across the agency. IV.B. Develop and deploy a sustainable
engagement culture that supports
retention, recruitment, employee
productivity and efficiency. Transform Human Resources Management to a system that emphasizes
consultation with managers and coordination of employee development and Human Resources processes. B. Collaboration & File Sharing Implement the State Medicaid HIT Plan for "meaningful use" among providers. Expand SharePoint implementation to facilitate collaborative teamwork Mission The Coloradans we serve have integrated health care and enjoy
physical, mental and social well-being. Vision II. Sustain effective internal and external relationships

(Communications) VI. Ensure sound stewardship of financial resources

(Financing) IV. Build and sustain a
culture where we
recruit and retain
talented employees

(People) III. Provide exceptional service through technological

(Technology) V. Enhance efficiency and effectiveness through process improvement

(Process) I. Improve health outcomes, client experience and lower per capita costs*

(Customer) Goals B. LEAN Community *Adapted from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Triple Aim. Develop an engaging process for Department
stakeholders to formulate, implement, and
evaluate strategy. Establish the Department's LEAN Community
as a central place to share information
and resources for LEAN process improvement
projects. Develop collaborative partnerships between
the Departments of Health Care Policy and
Health and Environment (Tri-Agency) and with
other State agencies (Interagency). Equip contract and program managers
with financial and contract management
skills, and use internal support sections to
strengthen efficiency and effectiveness. Monitor internal business and
external claims for cost-avoidance
and recovery or over payments. Develop and implement an efficient Grants
Strategy for pursuing grant opportunities that
align with the Department's Strategic Plan.
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