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Lord of the Flies vs LOST

Comparing Jack with John Lock & Sawyer and Piggy to various characters from LOST

Luke Dickey

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies vs LOST

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Violence/passion for hunting: Like Jack, enjoys hunting and has a deep interest in the boars and killing them. He takes the role of hunter very seriously and intestinally. This is shown not only by how much control that he takes over the hunt but also through the flashbacks of his dreams of going on a "walkabout".


Jack Is deeply interested in the Beast and lets it control how he governs the boys who follow him. He uses his belief in this supernatural monster to put fear into the hearts of the others and gets them to trust and respect him. Love of the island: Jack wants to stay on the island as he views it as all fun and games because there are "no grown-ups". He feels completely at home on the island. Supersitious: Has a strange relation to the "supernatural" elements of the island such as the "monster" in the forest and his regaining of his ability to walk. He is convinced that the island is supernatural and able to bestow miracles. The way he uses the telling of the "miracle" to Walt to gain his trust mirrors Jacks usage of the Beast to gain the respect of the other boys. Jack
Love of the Island: Has no intention of leaving the island. Much like Jack, he’s adopted the island as his new home and life source Violence: Jack is violent, intent and aggressive when hunting. He gets very into the hunt and is the one controlling the group of boys who go out to kill boars. "This'll be a real hunt! Who'll come?" (Golding 91). '“I cut the pig's throat" said Jack proudly (Golding 63)' Competive: Sawyer like Jack has a distrust of "authority" figures such as
Jack and Sayid. This often results in some sort of conflict such the physical fight he had with Sayid or the many verbal fights he has had with Jack, Sayid, Kate and multiple other characters.
Disruptive nature.:This not only shown by how often he fights with other characters but also in the situations that he creates. The tension created when he revealed he had a gun with him the whole time, the situation when he accused Sayid of being a terrorist and when he tried to "help" with the man who was dying, are all examples of the trouble he creates. Disruptive. His ideas, although they may appear
fun and exciting, are disruptive and distracting from any real work
Getting done on the island. His impulsive nature causes him to
organize hunts and performances of savage rituals. These activities result in negative after effects like the signal fire going out or the ultimate murdering of Simon when Jack encourages the entire tribe to dance and beat the " Beast" -who turns out be Simon- to death. " Do our dance! Come on! Dance!" ( Golding 138)

‘“Kill the Beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!”
The Sticks fell and the mouth of the new circle crunched and screamed. The beast was on its knees in the center, its arms folded over its face.’ (Golding 139)

Competivie: Conflicts with Ralph and Piggy show that he feels threatened by other authority figures. He clashes with Ralph about different views and priorities. For example, when Jack thinks that having fun and slaughtering pigs more important than keeping the fire going. This results in a conflict between the two "leaders". John Locke Sawyer Jack compared to John Locke and Sawyer Lord of the Flies and Lost Comparisons Piggy compared to Jack, Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Sayid and Hurley Piggy Intelligence: Piggy displays a considerable level of intelligence and education. He shows this through his knowledge of how the world works such as his suggestion to create a signal fire and the notion that the boys should build shelters. Reasonable and Mature: Piggy shows a maturity that far surpasses
that of any other boy on the island. He refuses to beleive in the Beast
or the "ghosts" that the boys spoke about at the campfire. " What I mean is that I don't agree about this here fear. Of course there isn't nothing to be afraid of in the forest" (Golding 75) '"Piggy took the conch out of Ralphs hands. His voice was indignant. 'I don't believe in no ghosts-ever!'" (Golding 81). Piggy knows that letting these beings get into their heads will lead to insainty and divison among the boys. He has to provide the voice of reason more often than not during discussions about the Beast and priorities of survival on the island. In addition to that he is often the one who states that meetings and assemblies are needed to Ralph so he can rally those who will listen to him. " The thing is: we need an assembly." (Golding 71).

Piggy also knows that getting off the island and keeping the signal fire going is much more important than the "fun" that the boys have hunting and going on rampages. Desire to get off the Island: Piggy desperatly wants to get himself and the other boys off the island and back to the civilization that they were born into. He's always trying to create a civilization on the island with the creation of order but knows that the only way that they can truely live full lives is to get off the island. Kindness and Politeness: Despite his somewhat pompuss atitude and the fact that he complains alot Piggy is kind and mannerly throughout most of the situation. He always means well and he is a loyal friend to Ralph and Simon as shown through his sticking with Ralph until the end and with the small kind gestures that he makes towards his friends such as the creating of a small feast of fruit. " 'I thought perhaps,' said Piggy 'we ought to have a feast, kind of'" (Golding 120). Superior Attitude: Piggy, while a good natured-person is also a
pompuss one from time to time. He's always complaing about the
childish behavior of the other children on the island. " The first thing we
ought to do have made a shelters down there by the beach. It wasen't half
cold down there in the night. But the first time Ralph says 'fire' you goes howling and screaming up this here mountain. Like a pack of kids!" (Golding 42). Intelligence and Education: Like Piggy, Jack and Sayid are both very intelligent
and use their education to help all who are stranded on the island. Jack
uses his knowledge of medical science and Sayid his computer-smarts to
help in anyway they can whether it’s to try and get off the island or just survive
another day.
Reasonable and Mature: Many characters throughout Lost shown a great sense of maturity throughout the shown. Kate, Jack, Sayid, Hurley and Claire are excellent examples. Kate with her ability to compromise such as when Sawyer pulled out the gun, Jack with his leader ship skills, Sayid with his hard working intellect, Hurley with his friendliness and reason and Claire with her consideration such as when she wanted a "funeral" for those who died in the crash.
Superior Attitude: Unfortunatly for Piggy he has something in common with Sawyer. They both display annoyingly superior attitudes towards their fellow castaways. Although Piggys is more out of concern for the whole group and Sawyer just comes across as a selfish person with his veiwpoint. Desire to get off the island: Sayid exibits Piggys strong will to leave the island. His mission to get the radio transmitor mirrors Piggys notion of creating a signal fire on top of the mountain. Also, it was Sayids suggestion to create a signal fire on the island, much like Piggy. Kindness: Hurley is very kind to the other castaways on the island
providing friendship and conversational companionship for anyone
who appears to need it. He also has Piggys good nature and reasonable
mind. Lost characters with the same traits Works Cited

Lord of the Flies, Golding William, 1954
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