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Cloud Interoperability

SAP Cloud Interoperability Strategy

Bert Oliver Schulze

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Cloud Interoperability

4) Customer example
SAP Cloud for Sales
3) SAP´s Cloud Integration services
6) Summary
2) Cloud Interoperability requires a clear concept and choice
Cloud Interoperability
Companies have to avoid information islands and fragmented processes. But why should I as a Business Owner care about Interoperability? Isn´t that a technology discussion?

Single source of truth, Accurate data - I can rely on what I see, better meetings, faster insights and decisions...

...and I am not only a single Line of Business person: I am also a Business Traveler, an Employee, a Manager, a Learner, a News Reader, ...

I want this connected everytime, anywhere.
1) Why Interoperability matters
Data security and compliance

Support for complex landscapes

Control of flows

Choice of
integration technology

End-to-end monitoring
and support

Businesses point of view
IT point of view
On premise
Modern Enterprise architecture: on premise and cloud
Choice of Deployment
Open API´s
- iFlows
Industrial manufacturer with
multiple subsidiaries on different
SAP ERP clients as well as third-party ERP

Rapid implementation with small team
Delivered on cloud expectations for field sales (usability, collaboration)
Integration of accounts, materials, sales quotes and sales orders

5) Customer example
SAP Cloud for People
Large manufacturing company
with SAP ERP, multiple legacy HR
and other financial applications
worldwide. Migration from legacy HR system.

>120 third-party interfaces – Integration of third-party cloud solutions to SAP Employee Central (EC) and EC Payroll 
100% of SAP-to-SAP integrations and
30% of all integrations covered by prepackaged integration

Companies need to move fast – at the right speed (business velocity) but also in the right direction (business strategy). Cloud Interoperability guarantees the Enterprise context for the entire landscape.

Download the cloud eBook for details:
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