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Copy of Motivation Angel

Oral presentation - ICELT course

Gamze Ekmekçi

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Motivation Angel

The Angel of the North
It is by common consent, a group of uplifting beauty and inspires almost all who see it, whatever their religion or even if they have none at all.
In the North-East England, outside the city of Gateshead, stands a remarkable statue by Anthony Gormley, the 20-meter-high Angel of the North.
The Angel of the North provides us a satisfying metaphor to deal with the greatest difficulty teachers face in terms of motivation.

Some kind of internal drive which pushes someone to do things in order to achieve something.
External factors
Comes from inside an individual
Is concerned with student´s feelings.
Students stay motivated if teacher cares about them.
It is great to build a good teacher-student rapport.
When teacher is caring and helpful, students are much more likely to retain interest.
Self-esteem must be nurtured.
Students need to feel a real sense of achievement.
Teacher must set an appropriate level of challenge for the students.
Teacher should guide students towards success by showing them how to get the things right.
Teachers need to show that they know what they are doing.
Students need to feel that we know about the subject we are teaching.
When students have confidence in the teacher, they are likely to remain engaged.
Teachers do not have enough for the students to do.
Teachers seem not to be quiet sure what to do next.
Nothing motivates like success.
Nothing demotivates like continual failure.
We need to try to match our activities with our student´s learning styles.
We should be interested in things done by the students.
When students have agency, they get to make some decisions and take some responsibility for their learning.
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