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firstfruits broke yoke of unemployment

Amazing testimonies on the power of firstfruits

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of firstfruits broke yoke of unemployment

Me & my family
We live in Windhoek, Namibia
True Life Story
How an offering of firstfruits
changed our financial status for good
It all began in 2006...............
South Africa
When I lost everything
my business
This was when I gave my life to Christ
We were plagued
with unemployment &
huge debts
For 6 years we were chased by landlords as we could not pay our rents
By 2011 .....things became worse & my church could not help
my family became the subject of laughter and mockeries even by some members in the church
Many churches and pastors of today are unable to deliver you from plagues of poverty, debts and unemployment because they have gone they ways of prophet Balaam.

Our main sins were that of not walking in the financial covenants of God particularly of firstfruits & tithes as written in the scriptures.
None payments of firstfruits and tithes
Worldwide problems
: people, families,students, companies and nations that defaults in loans - breaks covenant agreement. This brings curse of want upon the world.
The nature of God is that He breaks His workload into small parts.........fractals
Demonstration of power of firstfruits
Fractals of
6, 7 & 8
God uses numbers 6 differently from man
God ends ALL His works on HIS SIXTH FRACTAL
He commands darkness to fall upon his enemies
on the SIXTH DAY;
Christ cursed a fig tree to wither and die on the SIXTH DAY
Therefore man also can command all problems including poverty, unemployment and debts to WITHER AND DIE on the SIXTH DAY
Between 2006 & 2011, I devoted my time to study the Bible according to what I now call fractals of 6, 7 & 8.
As soon as We accepted our mistakes God began to show us His amazing secrets numbers
One important attributes of God is that He
declares and preserves
all things on the
step or fractal to Jesus Christ, His Firstfruits
My first application of firstfruits was in fractal finance
This was how I ended my cycle of unemployment for 6 years in the 6th month of 2011
I have documented testimonies in three volumes that you should read to understand Biblical fractals of 6, 7 and 8; and how to apply them to your problems
With one offering of tithe and a vow of firstfruits on 7th Day of the 6th month of 2011.......
My 6 years of unemployment ended the following day.. I was recalled back to work, the following year I became a project manager of a national employment and unemployment surveys, and since then, it has been financial favours upon favours.
In the 6th month of 2013, precisely on the 20th, we prayed and curse negative credit report that prevent us to own a new car to die.

By 22nd June or a fractal of 888 we got a brand new car.
October 2013......We got another car for our daughter
If you are really serious, your financial problems can wither and die within days if you follow my mentor programme documented in my ebooks
Click on the above video to play and listen to
a live testimony to my partners in Namibia
As a partner you will have access to the same knowledge and mentor
You do not need more prayers but how to apply answers to your prayers in creating wealth
These ebooks will show you how to pull down things from Heaven after you prayed.
Your offerings need to be done......according to what God wants
Do you know what is wrong with this type of giving?
20, 21 and 22 are fractals of 6, 7 and 8 day
In the 8th month of 2013 my dwindling R440 online investment account returned +R70,000 .

This is the way you used give to God in the past
Defaults leads to bad debts
Bad debts leads to financial curses
Click on arrows to move to next or previous slides
The only solution was to study the Bible intensively, while fasting and praying
to find out God's views
on our poor situations
Within 2 years our huge financial debts
were supernaturally
paid off!
It is blemished....not WHOLE-BURNT
Get this ebook to have understanding of why your offerings doesn't get to heaven as Sweet Smelling Fragrant.
For every problem there is an answer from God inside the Bible
I DISCOVERED HOW GOD WORKS.....................in 6, 7 and 8 patterns. This is my breakthrough knowledge and my testimony.......now in three monographs......GET THEM IF YOU CAN
I was even featured on CNBC-Africa
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