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Margaret Brewer

No description

kai flik

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Margaret Brewer

Margaret Brewer was this first woman to join the military and reach the commendation; 'Brigadier General'.
About Margaret
Margaret Brewer
Margaret Brewer joined the USMC or United States Marine Corps in 1952 and was commissioned to Marine Corps air station in El Toro, California.
Once in the air station she was given the job as a communications watch officer until June 1953. Next she spent two years as an inspector-instruct0r of a woman reserve marine unit in Brooklyn, New York.
what was her job?
Margaret Brewer was born in Durand county, Michigan on July 1st 1930.
where was she born?
Margaret Brewer made it possible for women to join the military and proved that women had rights, and the ability to do what men can do.
Margaret Brewer died at the age of eighty two on January 2, 2013. (my sisters birthday)
when did she die?
The End
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