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Plot and Story Elements

No description

Corie Coleman

on 11 July 2016

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Transcript of Plot and Story Elements

Who? What? Where? When?
As you view this video clip, identify the setting and main characters.
The rising action occurs after the inciting incident
(first major event/initial conflict).
Rising Action
Three things usually happen at the climax.
These are the events that follow the story’s climax.
These events tie up "loose ends" and leads to the story’s resolution.
Falling Action
This happens at the end of the story when all conflicts have been resolved and we know what is going to happen to the characters in the story. It tells us the outcome of the conflict.
There may be a battle, disaster, or argument.
A character might change after learning an important lesson.

Climax Activity
Watch the following video. Discuss with your partner the climax of the scene!
This is the beginning of the story.
It has the following parts of the story:
the main characters (the who)
the basic background (the what)
the setting (the where and when)
The PROTAGONIST is usually introduced in the exposition. The protagonist is central to the story because all major events have some importance to that character.
protagonist = main character = hero
The ANTAGONIST is what is in conflict with the protagonist.
antagonist = main character = villain
What is the protagonist's background? This is often an important part of the exposition.
or terrified.
1. The
is the most emotionally involved in the story. The reader might be
is made of

1. exposition
2. rising action
3. climax
4. falling action
5. resolution

As you watch, think about how Nemo complicates his initial problem.
Cinderella (protagonist) lost her mother at a young age and her father remarried a woman with two daughters. Cinderella's father later died leaving her with an evil step-mother and two sisters (the antagonists) who did not like her.
When you encounter a conflict, do your responses complicate the conflict, or do they de-escalate the conflict?
The setting
is, at it most basic form, the
"where and when"
of the story.
Cinderella's background
3. The story is at its turning point.
2. The action is at its highest point
The falling action is usually short. Generally, falling action helps with closure of the story.
Last but not least.......
The plot is the sequence of events, or things that happen, in a story.

Check out how the opening scene of "Aladdin" sets up the setting and characters.
What is Plot?
The plot is the sequence of events,
or things that happen
in a story.

Inciting Incident

This makes the protagonist take action. The inciting incident acts as an initial spark for everything that is going to happen in the story leading up to the climax.
Example of
Inciting Incident
Example of Exposition
In the story of The Three Little Bears, the exposition goes something like this:

Once upon a time there were three little bears, a mama bear, a papa bear, and a baby bear. They lived deep in the forest, far away from any people. One morning, mama bear decided to treat her family to a hot serving of porridge.
The rising action is a series of events that build from one situation to the next.
During these events the conflict becomes more and more intense, demanding some sort of resolution.
A major event occurs that begins the plot and moves the story forward. Usually an initial conflict/problem is introduced.

What is the next event in Finding Nemo?
Nemo is put into a Fish Tank at a dentist office and meets new friends.
Marlin and Dory meet a Seagull that helps them find Nemo.
The Rising Action
makes stories more interesting.
Each "mini-conflict" adds interest to the story, helps character development, and builds the suspense leading up to the...
The Climax is the turning point of the story;
the point at which the main character changes.

Climax in Finding Nemo

Marlin finally tells a funny joke
Marlin is no longer overprotective of Nemo
Nemo is confident and happy
The story of Cinderella takes place in an imaginary land in the past.
How do we know?

Marlin goes to find Nemo and meets Dory.
What is the next event?
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