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Organizational Behavior

PPA 491


on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Organizational Behavior

Toni Jones & Ashley Johns Organizational Behavior Analysis Analysis ANALYSIS Organizational Behavior
Create mechanisms for regulating behavior of people in organizations. Key Factors Group Dynamics
Organizational Growth
Bureaucratic Structure
The Future of an Organization
Match abilities of new hires with work demands to positively influence attitudes toward their work and company to understand the impact of psychological conditions on employee productivity. Hugo Munsterberg APPLICATION 1950s Authoritative,militaristic, WWI behavioral style
Douglas McGregor 1960s Published "The Human Side of the Enterprise."
Sought to answers questions. Encourage employees to grow and develop Critique Dependency to Codependency Group Dynamics Command
Informal Organizational Development "Change or Die"
Under the right circumstances people & organizations will grow and prosper together Impact of Bureaucratic Structure Motivation Maslow's Theories
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