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Real World Meets Art World 2

An overview of contemporary art or the "art world" that can be brought into a k-12 setting, (preferably at a high school level,) in the form of a three lesson unit plan. Structured to expose students to the role of the "practicing artist" in society.

Sara Guthrie

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Real World Meets Art World 2

real world meets art world:
A look at contemporary art
and its place in society. Art produced up until the
present day from approx.
around WWII Can include many different
mediums that are usually altered or displayed
in a way that challenges traditional art making. social and political
subject matter
fantasy subject matter challenges "fine art"
by using everyday
or found objects Lesson #1: visiting,
examining, and
altering classical art. Assignment:
to visit a classical and contemporary
museum and create a "mash-up" collage
of at least one artwork from each museum. Students must create
an informational packet
about each visit. 5-8 photographs
of pieces that were
inspiring to them from
each museum.
Along with title, artist's
name, and medium. Must collect 3-5
interesting facts about
2 of thier favorite pieces, through
info. from museum
or reliable internet sources. 1-2 week project. Lesson #2: Contemporary Self Portraits:
A Documentation of One’s Self

What is
art ? to create self portraits, without
actually using an image of their
face as a part of the final project.
must use their
bodies in some sort of way. go beyond this studio-based
process of copying their own
image as a photograph portrays them “documentation of one’s inner self
or personal attributes and characteristics.” Lesson#3: The Praticing
artist Assigment"
to research a contemporary
or "praticing"artist (from the 60's on)
and give a short 3-5 minute powerpoint or prezi
presentation on :
-his or her work
-how it is displayed to the public
(gallery space, in nature, in
public setting etc.)

for midterm or final grade
students will be turning the art room
into their own gallery space and host
an open house to friends, the school,
and family. Must set up their work using techiques learned through research of their "praticing artist," and demos. Extra credit: help design
postcards and banners to pass out
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